The Kings win the O’Brady’s tournament

Justin Albecker
Staff Writer

Kayhi boys basketball won its second straight O’Brady’s Tournament hosted by South Anchorage last weekend. The Kings beat the West Valley Wolfpack 59-51, the South Anchorage Wolverines 71-66, and beat the West Anchorage Eagles 64-47 in the championship game.
To start the championship game Smith hits four 3-pointers to pull an early lead. By half-time Kayhi was ahead 29-17 over West Anchorage.
Despite being the champions of the South Tournament, senior Brent Taylor believes the team can still get better.
“I think the entire team did a great job,” said Taylor. “We weren’t perfect, and we still have some work to do, but we got the job done.”
The Kings were victorious this weekend, and one of the key players involved with that success was senior Jake Smith.
“We were very dominant this tournament,” said Smith. “The entire team performed well, from the Lee brothers, to Brent Taylor, to even our bench who stepped up and played well.”

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