Staff Picks

What Makes Rivalries So Great?

Lezille Sagrado:
What makes a rivalry so great is the built-up intensity of the crowd and how much hype there is for a sport. Rivalries are great because of all the cheering and support you’re giving your team to hype them up and get excited about winning. For us, whenever JDHS comes here to play basketball, it gets really crazy. Our pep club is on top of everything when it comes to all the signs they make, with all the camo everyone wears, while our pep band sets the right tone for the rivalries. With the whole town coming out to support us, it just makes it even better.

Thomas Brooks:
A good healthy rivalry never hurt anyone. Actually rivalries are a very good thing. They push players to perform to a more intense standard and increase the player’s desire to win. When two good teams are going head to head it makes everyone perform to their best. You can expect for pep club, pep band, cheer, and dance team to go hard. Rivalries also create more money. If there’s a known rivalry between two teams people are going to pay to watch them play, and we all know money is good. You can expect for the games with JDHS to be heated.

Joey Karlik:
Rivalries are the pinnacle of any season schedule in any sport. Whether it’s a division or conference rival that you hate because they beat you or your team every single time, or it’s a person or team that is just so good you want to see them or that person lose just so they can understand the pain of losing. Rivalries are pure good fun. Whether it’s the Dallas Cowboys taking on the New York Giants, or our Kayhi Kings against the Juneau Douglas Crimson Bears, rivalries are great especially for the fans.

Hannah Maxwell:
Winning a game against your rival can be seen as even more important than winning a region title. Rivalries are so great because it shows the love people have for their teams. A great rivalry game is anticipated weeks in advance and fans come ready to yell and scream for their favorite team. Sharing a common enemy, even just for a night or two, brings people together. All differences are cast aside and all energy is focused on doing your part to win the game.

Gabe Bowlen:
The key component in a good rivalry is good competition. With our school’s rivals, we get that. Against JDHS we have good games, good events, in all sports at Kayhi. When people start vandalizing, stealing, and assaulting the other schools property and people, then the rivalry is bad. Once the game starts, usually everybody in our stands is hyped, and really in the game. If people are yelling harsh, inappropriate things then it takes away from the fun of the game. During basketball games, it’s really easy to get carried away during play, especially when we’re playing JDHS.

Kody Malouf:
There are a few things that give a rivalry life. Competition is one, if both teams suck then the rivalry gets stale, bland, and boring. History is another, there has to be a rich history between the two teams, full of great games, close finishes, and outstanding performances by the best players over the years. The most important component of a rivalry though, is hatred. There has to be that almost tangible hatred between the teams. The years of bad blood that fires up everyone involved with the rivalry. The players, the coaches, and the fans all buy into that absolute loathing for one another that can only be found in a grade A-rivalry.

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