Kayhi Girls Drop Two to Lathrop

Gabe Bowlen
Staff Writer

The Lady Kings were swept by the Lathrop Malamutes over the weekend.  The Lady Kings lost 45-23 on Friday. Saturday night, Lathrop was ahead 13-12 and went on a 9-0 run to make it 22-12. Kayhi pulled within eight halfway through the third, but Lathrop responded with a 9-1 run. The Lady Kings didn’t get closer than 11 points after that. The final score was 49-34. Lady Kings coach Kelly Smith felt like the team improved in some areas.
“We got better in some areas like rebounding but really struggled taking care of the ball,” said Smith. “Our weaknesses are obvious but the upside is they are fixable. All players and coaches need to commit and do their part to fix our mistakes. And we will.”
Kayhi will be without senior guard Kreylynn Johnson for four weeks after fracturing her right foot in Friday night’s game. Kayhi will play TMHS at home this weekend, before going to Anchorage to compete in the Dimond Tournament next week.

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