Staff Picks

Who is going to win the Super Bowl and why?

Max Collins:
The Atlanta Falcons are about to go against one of the greatest franchises in NFL history, the New England Patriots. The combination of head coach Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have been unstoppable for the last 15 years. Both have been in the Super Bowl six times in their franchise. Atlanta has been great towards the last half of the season and just recently shut down two high caliber teams, the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers. Atlanta’s offense has been troubling teams all season scoring an average of 33 points per game. Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and Devonta Freeman will score and score again. With Atlanta having such a great offense I don’t see New England keeping up with the high scoring game. No matter how good the New England Patriots are and how amazing Brady’s stats are in previous Super Bowls I see them losing 37- 17.         
Atlanta 37 New England 17

Hannah  Maxwell:
The Patriots are winners. It’s all they know how to do, going 14-2 in the regular season is not a small accomplishment. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have been in this situation before, going up against a team who isn’t used to playing football in January. On this day 2 years ago I was watching Malcolm Butler get one of his first career interceptions, giving the New England Patriots the Super Bowl win they deserved. I have never been happier, every Seahawks fan had their heart broken on that glorious day and I loved it. Even though the Patriots aren’t playing the Seahawks this Sunday, every Seattle fan is still praying for them to lose; and they will have their hearts broken once again. The Falcons will keep the game close for the first half but after that it will be over. After an inspired halftime speech from Belichick and Brady, the Patriots will come out and dominate the second half.
New England 43 Atlanta 24    

Joey Karlik:
Well I know everyone wants to be anti-Patriots, I do too, but… I recall last year that a dominant team from the NFC south came into the Super Bowl and represented the NFC. That team had an MVP caliber quarterback, So do the Falcons. That team had an “offense that no one can stop”, so do the Falcons. That team last year went against the number one defense which were the Denver Broncos. This Super Bowl is going to be a repetition of the last Super Bowl. Dominating offense going against the number one defense. Now there is a chance it could be the other way around. Von Miller was the guy with the most sacks last year. Vic Beasley Jr is the person with the most sacks this year and he is on the Falcons side. Beasley could force a couple fumbles to secure the game just like Miller did last year, but you never know. My heart says Falcons, but my mind says Patriots. This time I have to go with my mind. The score will be the exact same as last year too, 24-10. History is going to repeat itself this Super Bowl Sunday.
New England 24 Atlanta 10

Dante Troina:
Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are 4-2 in Super Bowls, and basically two miracle catches by unknown Giants receivers away from being undefeated in Super Bowls. The Falcons, however, are the story of this season, the team that has quickly become America’s darlings. The Patriots will ultimately win this game, having a better coaching staff, more prepared team, and better game plan. However, Atlanta will come out of the gates very strong, their defense will pressure Brady and the offense will generate big plays. After the first quarter, the Pats will settle into their game plan, and dominate the time of possession. The biggest question mark of the game is whether the Falcons defense will play well or not, and I think not. They’ve played well so far, but that was against a mediocre Seahawks squad and injured Packers team. The Patriots are neither injured nor mediocre, they are versatile and efficient. Most championship games in football come down to turnovers, field position, and third down conversions. Every Super Bowl the Patriots have been in has been decided by four or less points, and this one will be no different. The Falcons will start fast, but New England will control the clock, and hold them to field goals instead of touchdowns, and win 31 to 27, and Bill Belichick will smile for the first time, under his gray, cut off sleeve hoodie.
New England 31 Atlanta 27

Kody Malouf:
It’s simple, if you give Bill Belichick and Tom Brady two weeks to prepare, they’re not going to lose. The two games they have lost were both from miracle catches versus the Giants, not from anything they did to themselves. The Patriots will not lose this game, they’re too prepared, too well coached, and they have too many different role players that can come alive at any time. Atlanta will put up a fight though, their high powered offense with Matt Ryan and Julio Jones will put up most of the yards and points for the game, and the Patriots will struggle to cover Julio, but it won’t be enough because inevitably Tom Brady will have the ball last and lead a game-winning drive giving the Patriots their 5th Lombardi Trophy.
New England 36 Atlanta 30

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