The Super Bowl That Shocked The Nation

Joey Karlik
Staff Writer

Every year football fans look forward to the Super Bowl. Whether your team’s in it or not. Football fans get to temporarily pick one side of the two best teams in the league. This year it was the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots going head to head in Houston for Super Bowl LI.
          This will be a Super Bowl my generation will never forget, whether you’re a fan of the team that lost or won, or not even a fan of football at all! This one is going in the record books and I will never forget where I was or what I did that day.
I had a soccer game where my team got crushed 14-5 and I was frustrated with myself because I felt like it was all my fault even though it really wasn’t. On my way home I was dripping with my sweat and tears when I heard a song on the radio by my favorite country artist Carrie Underwood. I asked Siri on my phone what the name of the song was and it was called “See You Again”. The lyrics brought some of my spirits up just in time for the biggest football game of the year and I finally got pumped up.
           I walk into the house and I see some Seahawks jerseys, a Buccaneer, a Packer, and the most dreadful one of them all, Hannah Maxwell’s New England Patriots jersey. I immediately jump into the shower right before the game starts to get rid of the gross sweat and put on my infamous “Big Joe” Pittsburgh Steelers jersey. I sat down and watch as the Atlanta Falcons start running the ball through that New England defense.
           During the game my Grandpa John Thompson points out the betting board. The betting board kept track of what people thought the score would be at the end of the quarters. Each quarter would get $200 and the final score was $400. My mom told me that I had one at seven and one where I had to have the last digit of Atlanta’s score end in a one and New England’s end in a seven.
           While I was rooting for my bet, we were watching Atlanta score up the points when at halftime it was 21-3. I was thinking to myself, they might actually do it. I was bugging Hannah but she wasn’t ready to give up. By the end of the third quarter, the score was 28-9 Atlanta. Then, I witnessed probably the greatest fourth quarter comeback that I’ve ever seen in the Super Bowl.
           It all began with a forced fumble and recovery by New England with 8:24 left in the fourth. Afterwards they completed a two point conversion and made the score 20-28 with 5:56 left. That great play gets followed by the best play of the game. With 2:28 left, Tom Brady throws it deep into the middle when it at first gets tipped off by Atlanta then Julian Edelman makes the catch of the game that sets them up to bring both teams into the first overtime in Super Bowl history. Finally, the New England Patriots push through the tired Atlanta defense and win in overtime.
           Hannah jumps out of her chair screaming and we all cheer for her. Our family starts to clean up our Super Bowl party and I sat down on my computer. I had like five seconds of feeling like that was the greatest Super Bowl ever, and after that I started looking up the 2017 free agents and who the Steelers should pick up. While everyone else was going home, I’m listening to Carrie Underwood and looking at the NFL, singing my new favorite song, “Until I See You Again.”

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