Staff Picks

How do you keep yourself motivated to maintain your grades in second semester?

Kinani Halvorsen:
As a member of Kayhi’s Pep Band, Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Band, I attend the Southeast Alaska Region V Basketball Tournament and the Southeast Alaska Region V. Music Festival and bad grades mean that you can’t travel. With the Regional Basketball Tournament being at Juneau, I have to maintain good grades to be able to attend the tournament. I have to do the same for Music Fest which is being held in Sitka this year but in addition to having to keep up my current grades, I will also have to have passing quarter 3 grades because Music Fest is held in quarter 4.

Hannah Maxwell:
College, the one thing that can motivate me like no other. I have narrowed down the list of colleges that I want to attend but I still have to apply and be accepted. In order to be accepted I need good grades. So whenever I really start to slack off I just need to remind myself that it will all be worth it in the end. 5 years from now I don’t want to regret the work I didn’t do in high school.

Carolina Stuart:
Since I am not involved in any school activities that require good grades for traveling or participating in, it’s all self motivation for maintaining my grades in second semester. My self motivation is everything to get the good grades to get into colleges, and keeping my parents happy. Coming home to an upset mom isn’t fun, not only does it feel like I failed to make her proud, but it definitely bothers my competitive side. No one likes to put off homework, especially the feeling after it’s already due and it’s still not done. Second semester proves just how much resilience a student has to maintain their grades, and not decide to slack off.

Max Collins:
I tend to keep myself motivated in second semester for numerous reasons. I am a very involved athlete at Kayhi so time management with school work and personal time after school is compact. During the beginning and end of my school year is when I participate in all my school activities. The second semester of my school year is very crucial. For me, Spring is the time of excitement with Skiing, Regions, Soccer trips, and vacation trips. If I don’t manage my time I won’t do the things I have been looking forward all year. Working hard for nothing is a lot worse than working hard for something.

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