Kayhi Beats MEHS, But Drops Two at TMHS

Justin Albecker
Staff Writer

The Kayhi Kings (13-5, 3-2) beat Mt. Edgecumbe (6-8, 1-1) 69-62 on Thursday and lost two to Thunder Mountain (13-6, 4-1) on Friday and Saturday.
The Kings snapped their seven game win streak that started January 6th with a 52-48 win  against South Anchorage, and their undefeated Friday and Saturday season. Thunder Mountain extends their win streak to 10, starting with a 52-41 win against North Pole on January 14.
Even though the boys could not pull off a win in the close two game series, senior Jake Smith felt it was good for the team.
“I felt we grew as a team,” said Smith. “Even though we did not get a win against a team we beat earlier in the season, it allowed us to grow as a team and bounce back to play Juneau-Douglas next week.”
Kayhi will play Petersburg (14-0, 10-0) before going back to Juneau to play Juneau-Douglas (10-7, 0-4) this weekend.

Combined Weekend Scores:
Sophomore Marcus Lee, 45 points, Senior Jake Smith, 35 points, Senior Brent Taylor, 29 points, and Freshman Chris Lee, 20 points

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