Dodgeball Weekend

Joey Karlik
Staff Writer

The Kayhi wrestling team had its first Dodgeball tournament last weekend and racked up a lot of success, raising over $1,500 total. Teams were charged with a $50 participation fee and spectators were charged a $2 entrance fee.
           There were over 10 teams that participated including three middle school teams and one all girl team.  Blizz Inc. was the team that made it in the record books with their team taking home the inaugural trophy. Assistant coach Greg Karlik is hoping to keep this fundraiser going for as long as possible.
           “Rick, Matt, and I saw a similar version occur over in Craig when the middle school team was wrestling there this year,” said Karlik. “We hope to keep this thing going for as long as possible. We may have to tweak some things like smaller things or fine tuning the rules but it turned out to be a great fundraiser that we don’t mind doing every year.”
           Blizz Inc.’s co-captains Kody Malouf and Justin Albecker loved the idea of a dodgeball league and would love to do it again next year.
           “We loved it all, the intensity, the spotlight introductions, our team name, just all of it,” said Albecker.  “We are hoping to do it again next year.”
            “I would love to have a bigger audience next time, because this thing, I feel like, should start growing over time and love to become repeat champions with more people this time.” said Malouf.

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