Kayhi Boys Finish Undefeated Home Season

Justin Albecker
Staff Writer

Kayhi (16-6, 5-3) went undefeated last weekend beating Petersburg  (14-3, 10-2) in overtime, 57-49, on Thursday, and sweeping Thunder Mountain (13-7, 4-2) 74-64 on Friday and a heart-stopping 68-67 victory on Saturday.
Petersburg suffered its first loss of the season on Thursday after beating Kayhi 62-60 just a week prior. The Vikings then got swept by Metlakatla (15-4, 12-2) 33-55 on Friday and 38-54 on Saturday.
Saturday night the Kings celebrated five seniors for senior night: Jake Smith, Brent Taylor, Shakim Bauer, Randy Estrin, and Noah King. Three of the five seniors were starters for the Kings this season.
Senior Smith made two threes to bring the Kings to a one point lead. Freshman Chris Lee made 1 of 2 free throws to win.
“It was an awesome way to end my high school home career,” said Smith. “It was especially nice to actually have my shots go in compared to the night before.”
By the end of the regular season, the Kings still pulled off a memorable home season. Kayhi has gone undefeated at home (10-0), which has been been better than the past three seasons: 2013-2014 (8-3), 2014-2015 (14-2), 2015-2016 (9-3).
4A Regionals will start March 7 and will be held at JDHS.  Kayhi have won three out of five games against Thunder Mountain and three out of four against Juneau-Douglas, but Kayhi’s only losses against the two teams were in Juneau, where Regionals will be held.

Kings Scoring Line
Vs. Petersburg (Feb. 22)
Jake Smith 16, Brent Taylor 12, Chris Lee 11, Marcus Lee 10, Shakim Bauer 6, Robert Seludo 2
Vs. Thunder Mountain (Feb. 24)
Marcus Lee 25, Brent Taylor 18, Chris Lee 17, Shakim Bauer 8, Jake Smith 5, Kyle Smith 1
Vs. Thunder Mountain (Feb. 25)
Marcus Lee 13, Chris Lee 19, Jake Smith 22, Shakim Bauer 3, Brent Taylor 11

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