Kayhi Baseball Takes on Southeast in Sitka.

The Kayhi Kings baseball team (1-2) will be playing Sitka, Thunder Mountain, JDHS in Sitka this weekend. Last season, the Kings lost 6-5 to the Wolves in the state championship. After the Arizona Invitational 2 weeks ago, junior Justin Albecker said his team is gearing up for the long weekend ahead.
“After our trip to Arizona, we immediately went back to work and practiced what we are struggling with. We have definitely been working hard on our deep pitching staff and working hard on situational plays, such as lives scrimmages,” Albecker said. “We will only play teams in the southeast minus Petersburg, this is our first look at our competition this year and we will definitely be using these games as learning experience.”
Kayhi Baseball Schedule
Friday 9:00am vs TMHS JV
Fridays 11:00am vs Sitka JV
Fridays 1:00pm  vs TMHS Varsity
Friday 4:00pm vs JDHS Varsity
Saturday 2:00pm vs JDHS Varsity
Saturday 5:00pm vs Sitka Varsity

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