Kings 1-1-1 to Start Season

Justin Albecker
Staff Writer

The Kings (1-1-1) tied Sequim High School 3-3, beat Port Townsend High School 1-0, and lost to Port Angeles High School 3-1, last weekend.
The first game against Sequim was a tough game, but the Kings still managed to tie.
“We really should’ve won this game,” said junior Henning Pankow. “After eight hours of traveling and only 10 minutes to warm up, we still played good for the circumstances.”
Juniors Payton Stewart, Max Collins, and Henning Pankow all scored a goal each on Thursday.
Friday Nights game against Port Townsend High School was Kayhi’s only win of the trip, and it sure was a big one.
“With 40 mile per hour winds, we had plenty of scoring opportunities that were ruined,” said junior Max Collins. “We haven’t played with each other since last season, and we were still getting used to playing with each other.”
Senior Giovanni Coveli scored the only goal of the game.
The King’s last game in Washington was against Port Angeles, and suffered a big loss.
“This was a close game throughout the game,” said junior Izaak Jensen. “Port Angeles was a very good team though, it proves how close we can keep to good teams.”
Sophomore Brayden Linne scored the only goal Saturday night.
Kayhi will play Thunder Mountain at Juneau for their first game of the regular season this weekend.

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