Lady Kings Softball Hosts Rival JDHS

This weekend, the Lady Kings face off against Juneau Douglas. Last season, Kayhi beat JDHS twice in their six meetings. Sophomore Maya Parker hopes the team will improve on their defensive skills and getting the bats going early.
“This weekend I am really excited to play JD,” said Parker. “Last weekend we did good but it took us awhile to get our bats moving. Hopefully this weekend we can get our bats moving early and keep our defense strong.”
Senior Kassi Montero is thrilled to compete against Juneau Douglas this season.
“We don’t know what to expect from JD,” said Montero. “But from what it was like last year, we are expecting to be evenly match this season with our improvements.”
Last weekend the Lady Kings split both conference games with Thunder Mountain, giving up 23 runs and surrendered 35 hits.
Game Schedule @ Dudley Field
JV  @ 3pm
Varsity @ 6pm
JV @ 9am and 12pm
Varsity @ 3pm
Varsity non-conference @ 6pm

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