Kayhi Baseball Goes 2-1 in Home Series

The Kayhi Kings ( 9-3,7-2) baseball team added another 2 wins to their record against the Sitka Wolves. The Kings hosted their last games of the season and had their senior night on Saturday. On Thursday, the Kings fell to the Wolves 5-2. On Friday, Kayhi bounced back and defeated Sitka 5-3. The Kings ended the weekend on a win by beating the Wolves 9-3.

Senior Jackson Pool treated senior night just like any other game and played baseball.
“After we got honored, all of us seniors knew and were ready to play and we took it like a normal game, and we wanted to win for sure,” said Pool. “This was probably one of the biggest games for us because Sitka is our biggest competition.”
Junior Kody Malouf is confident in his team, and will stick to their normal game plan for their upcoming opponent, Thunder Mountain.
“It’s always fun to play, but I want to win first and I will do anything that the team needs, in order to win. It was the worst time to be on the field because it rained throughout the whole game but that’s they way it just goes sometimes,” said Malouf. “And in terms for preparing ourselves for these upcoming games against Thunder Mountain, I believe we are already great, we prepare for each team the same and we’re going to treat this game like it’s important because it is.”

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