Kayhi Softball plays Rivals JDHS, and TMHS

The Lady Kings softball team (4-2) are playing Juneau-Douglas and Thunder Mountain in Juneau this weekend.
Last time the Kings faced the Falcons they split games, April 21st the Falcons won, 11-4, and April 22nd the Lady Kings won, 13-12. The Lady Kings also split conference games against Juneau-Douglas. On April 28th the Lady Kings lost to the Bears, 12-1, and April 29th the Lady Kings defeated the Bears, 17-16.
Senior Kassi Montero is positive for the games to come and knows that her team will do well.
“I feel very confident in my team, I believe all of us will execute the things we have been working on this week to get where we need to be,” said Montero. “I know what we are capable of, so it should be a good weekend.”
Game Schedule
JV @ 4pm vs JDHS
Varsity @ 6pm vs JDHS
JV @ 4pm vs TMHS
Varsity @ 6pm vs TMHS
Varsity @ 12pm vs TMHS
Varsity @ 6pm vs JDHS  

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