Back to School

Payton Simmons
Staff Writer

Ketchikan High School started this Wednesday and principal Bob Marshall said he is excited about this upcoming school year.
“There’s just something special about fresh starts, and every year is an opportunity to do just that, and it’s my hope all of our students are ready to make it happen this year.”
His goal is to be more engaged with students and their overall success.
“I am going to get out into the classrooms more. I had a lot of distractions last year which kept me from seeing what’s happening in our classes,” said Marshall. “I love seeing what all the students are up to.”
Marshall will try to find ways to get students at Kayhi more involved. Ketchikan is hosting four regional tournaments (cross-country, volleyball, wrestling, and basketball) this year, and it’s a way to show how great of a community the school has.
“I am very excited for the new school year. I have a lot of things planned for this year and ways we can positively engage all of our students at Kayhi,” said Marshall.


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