Staff Picks

If you got your PFD what would you do with it? 

Dante Triona:
Jeff Lund is perhaps the greatest hunter in the world. Southeast Alaska has been his backyard to slay wildlife; but what fun is it if he never gets a change? With my PFD, I would send Mr. Lund to Belarus. Ranked as one of the best hunting spots on multiple websites, the Pripyat River in Belarus is the best place to hunt elk, wild boar, and European bison. I would rent him an all terrain vehicle (Jeep Wrangler) to navigate through the cold forest, and the remaining money would go towards hunting gear and a nice tent. Lund’s expedition would last seven days, and be a life changing experience. With all of this taken into account, Lund would take me as his heir to become the next great hunter.

Brayden Linne:
If somehow my parents let me keep my PFD I would want to spend it all at once. The first thing I would do is fly down to Seattle ($180). I would buy tickets for the Seahawks playoff game to watch them beat the Packers again ($202). After I watch the Seahawks beat the Packers, I would rent a Camaro and drive it to the Space Needle where I would get a prime rib ($206). The last thing I would buy would be a flight home in first class where I would get pampered with food and drinks ($660). I might have to take some money from my parents to pay for the flight back, but it would all be worth it.

Payton Simmons:
I am a fashion guru. I buy fashion trends low, and sell high, so I’m not going to tell you what I’d do with my PFD. I’ve learned from the Crocs. I wore Crocs because nobody else did, they were just the greatest until it was ruined. All the different colors, designs, even furry ones, but guess what, other people started wearing Crocs so I don’t wear them anymore. Yeah, I once saved my money to buy 7 pairs of Crocs, and now they are burned forever. Did anyone else bring Crocs back from Japan? No, I did, but now I can’t even wear them because you wear them. My fashion trend is ruined. I’m not going to tell what I’m going to do with my PFD now.

Verona Kamberi:
PFD… free money, it’s smart to put it away in a savings account for college, but I sure love name brand items. Out of all of the things in the world, I’d buy myself a Versace robe ($575) alongside with some Gucci slippers ($495). Of course it sounds like a waste of money, but trust me it’s all worth it. Celebrities wear these, and it makes me wonder how it would feel to own these things. There wouldn’t be a day where I wouldn’t walk around my lawn with a cup of water to check the mailbox. Heck I’d even jam out to Versace by Migos in my Versace robe, that’s how committed I’d be to my items. So, let’s pray that I get my PFD.

Keri Thomas:
First off, 1000 index cards is $10.35 so I’d start with five orders. Seventy-two pads of mini sticky notes (7200 total stickies) are $89.99. Finally the Lamy 2000 is an elegant German-made mechanical pencil for only $58. The rest would obviously go towards college so I could use all these high end supplies.

Chanell Browne:
If I got my PFD I would try and save it for potential use in the future, such as college, or just in case I would ever need it for something important. But knowing me, I would probably end up spending it on shoes, clothes, and more unnecessary items. The best idea would be to start with it in a savings account, that way I’m not tempted to use it right away. It’s nice to set aside cash and have it there as an option if I really need it or want to buy something with it. I don’t know at the moment what I’d really need to buy with the money…but I can definitely think of a few things I want that would be a total waste of the money, and heck you only live once. Now that I think about it more, I’d actually save it for the next vacation I go on, that way I’d have some of my own cash to spend on clothes that I want.


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