Six Kayhi CC Runners Travel to State

Kayhi’s cross country runners Elizabeth Knight, Morgan Elerding, John Coss, Leif Stephens, Paul Allmendinger, and Phillip Smith are headed to Anchorage this Saturday to compete in the ASAA State Championships. Junior Elizabeth Knight placed 68th with a time of 22:18 last year and is looking for a chance to improve.
“I was super nervous this last weekend, but I am proud of my new PR which is now 21:14, 16 seconds off my previous PR,” said Knight. “I have set a new PR every season, and hope to continue this in my final season of cross country next year. For this coming weekend I am hoping I will place higher than I have in my previous years at state, and keep a good low time.”

Last year state results:

  1. John Coss (17:41) 51st
  2. Leif Stephens (17:53) 57th
  3. Paul Allmendinger (19:53) 81st

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