Kayhi CC State Championship Results

Kayhi senior John Coss led the Kings on Saturday in the ASAA State Championships. Coss placed 49th overall with a time of 17:38. Trailing Coss, senior Paul Allmendinger placed 51st in his final race of his career, setting a PR of 17:40. Coach Leigh Woodward is pleased with the outcome of each Kayhi runner this past weekend. “Elizabeth did a minute better than she did last year, so she didn’t have a season PR but she did on the course,” said Woodward.“John also set a PR on the course, it wasn’t his personal record for a 5k but he did better than he did last year. Paul, that was his all time PR on that course which is crazy because it is a very difficult course. Phillip and Morgan both did amazing coming into their freshman year and qualifying for state. Leif is a solid runner and had a great season this year.”


  1. John Coss                   (17:38) 49th
  2. Paul Allmendinger (17:40) 51st
  3. Phillip Smith              (18:08) 64th
  4. Leif Stephens            (18:18) 67th


  1. Elizabeth Knight    (21:53) 63rd 
  2. Morgan Elerding   (21:55) 64th

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