Football Season Recap

Jaret Warstler
Staff Writer

Kayhi senior Kody Malouf and sophomore Tyler Traudt both had a great season. Traudt lead the state in solo tackles (59) and tackles total (89) in seven games played. Malouf lead the state in all receiving categories with 739 receiving yards, 21.7 average receiving yards, 34 catches, 56.1 receiving yards per game, and eight touchdowns.
With a figure to look up to his freshman year, Malouf said he’s accomplished what he wanted and got his moment.
“Connor Hicks was always somebody I looked up to, and what he did his senior year was incredible,” said Malouf. “He was obviously way better than me, but I knew going into this year, that I was way better than anybody at my position and it felt good to get my moment.”
Although there some Kayhi players were ranked #1 in the state for their positions, Kayhi Junior Chris Brown said he belives that the rest of the team didn’t play to their full potential.
“This season didn’t reflect the skills that the team has. The results were nowhere near our actual potential,” said Brown. “During the offseason, I will be working out a lot more than I did. As a team captain, I will be studying and doing everything the team needs to get better.”
Kayhi junior Stevie Byron felt good about every game and feels like they improved through the year.
“I feel like we were in every game until the second half came around. We improved a lot from game one to game eight,” said Byron. “I believe our team is a lot better than our record and better than the scores of our games. I’m excited for next season.”
Just like Brown, Byron is going to do everything he can during the offseason to prepare for next year.
“I am going to some college football camps in June,” said Byron. “Then before the season starts up again, I’ll do a lot of conditioning.”
Like anybody else would be, Malouf is sad about the end of his senior season. Football is something he loves and has been playing for his entire childhood.
“I’ve been playing football my entire life and every season I’ve had mixed emotions,” said Malouf. “So it is definitely sad to know that my career is over, but there is also a sense of relief that it is over and you did it, there is a good sense of finality.”

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