Tourist Season Comes to an End

Chanell Browne
Staff Writer

The cruise ship season ended and Ketchikan is back to normal again.
Junior, Raevyn Goodson had a first hand experience with the tourists while working downtown at Ketchikan Souvenir and Candy Company. Goodson said she is glad that the tour season is finally over with.
“I am relieved to get a bit of time without the tourists in our town,” said Goodson. “The tourists make life in Ketchikan prosper in wealth but, they also make it hard for locals to get place to place.”
During the summer there were over a million tourists that came to Ketchikan. The 1,000,000th passenger came in on the Norwegian Pearl on Sept 30th. Sophomore Alex Malouf said that this achievement is a very good accomplishment for the town, and his family business, Ketchikan Duck Tours.
“It’s a cool milestone for the town,” said Malouf. “It directly translates to a good season for our family business, which is always the main goal.”
The summer of 2017’s tourist season was different from any other Ketchikan has seen before. Junior Cody Kemble said he noticed a wider variety of new, bigger cruise ships that came in; leading to more tourists in the town.
“I noticed that there were definitely more cruise ships that came in this summer,” said Kemble. “Last summer it didn’t seem like there were too many new ones.”
The end of tourist season is always a weird change for the town. The streets become  empty and all the stores start to close up. Kemble said that the town is quiet and boring without the tourists.
“It’s depressing going downtown in the winter and seeing that nothing is going on,” said Kemble. “It feels like a ghost town as opposed to the tourist season when downtown is booming with people.”  


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