Staff Picks

Given that you’re graduating soon, how have terrorist attacks impacted your view of the real world?

Lezille Sagrado:
I’ve always known that there are a lot of crazy people in the world. Especially now, not only from the news, but because I’ve binge watched Criminal Minds all summer and am currently watching season 10, which I definitely recommend you watch. Watching that show really helped me realize that people are capable of things you can’t even imagine. Seeing the amount of terrorist attacks on the news and social media, not only happening in the U.S. but all over the world, is ridiculous and scary. I am thankful, though, for living on a small island in Southeast Alaska that a lot of people all over the country probably don’t know exists. I plan on going to college in Anchorage because I know that if anything happens I’m just a flight away.

Joey Karlik:
Bad boys, bad boys… What am I gonna do when they come for me! This whole terrorism thing just increases my senses and awareness. It also makes me even more paranoid. As a kid growing up in small-town-Alaska, life beyond high school is already scary enough. With all the real world problems of adulting on your own, like paying rent and getting a job, it’s a little nerve racking. This doesn’t include the fact that people that could kill me. Knowing that someone in a building across from me could threaten my security and hurt me. That’s pretty scary. However, with all this in mind, I will step off this island when the time comes and power through. I will keep my head held high and the lessons I learned on my shoulders. Some crazy man in the shadows with a gun won’t scare me. They want us to be scared but I won’t let them! I encourage you all to do the same and not let these people overpower us! AMERICA!

Largim Zhuta:
My view of the real world has changed, but not because of terrorism. It’s not that big of a threat compared to all the threats out in the world. Do you know how many people have died due to terrorism since 1995 (9/11 included)? Roughly 3,200. Do you know how many people drunk driving kills in a single year? Try somewhere in the ballpark of 10,000. The media and politicians put too much attention on the issue which is one reason why people get super worried about it. Bad stuff happens everyday, that doesn’t really affect my world view one way or another. It is what it is. My worldview is one where I think most of everything we do has no grand meaning whatsoever. Believing that, makes life more enjoyable in my opinion. I am ready to go out and grab the world by the metaphorical balls. I don’t think I can afford to worry about the potential “what if” dangers. There are always dangers out there, but that shouldn’t change a person’s view about reality in a significant way.

Arick Mattson:
It gives me the sense that the real world is in fact dangerous, and that there are people that will want to cause me harm. It also makes me sad that there are people that will use these events for personal gain. The media will milk any attack dry in terms of news and stories. People against this nation’s government will attack people’s rights directly. If someone shoots up a school or music concert, then everyone’s gun rights are in danger. As a guy growing up in a small-town in Alaska, I like my gun rights. If I want to go hunting or shoot targets at the gun range, I have every right to do so. Many people will say that you shouldn’t have assault rifles in your home because you don’t use them for hunting. The 2nd Amendment wasn’t directed towards hunting. When there are people in the “real world” who threaten those rights, either by abusing them or trying to “fix” them, it makes me very upset. We the people have the power in this country, and with terrorist attacks happening by the people, it makes me worry about the future of this nation of freedom.

Kaitlyn Smith:
My view of the world has changed a lot since my childhood. I knew from a young age about terrorists, because of 9/11. I didn’t realize until I was older that terrorists can also be Americans. Even everyday events like a political speech, or a concert are at risk. The disasters that have recently happened, like in Las Vegas, have changed my view also of the world, because I didn’t realize how a normal event can be a target for a terrorist attack. Even though I hear about these disasters, I’ve always lived in safe places with no terrorist acts, so I’ve never been exposed to any of those events. The attacks I hear about will definitely have an impact on where I go to college, and even where I live after. One of my fears is my brother being hurt in an attack, because he goes to college in a not so nice neighborhood. Terrorist attacks have also made me realize that normal everyday looking people can cause such devastating disasters.

Chanell Browne:
After hearing about all the disasters going on in the world, and terrorists attacks, I would be lying if I said that my viewpoint hasn’t changed. When I think about college and leaving Ketchikan, I always keep in mind that there are some places in our country that can be dangerous and contain harmful people. Whenever I hear about an attack or a big event it always makes me appreciate where I live more. Ketchikan seems to be a safe place, where there is low population and kind people who all know each other. When I think about events, or concerts I want to attend at some point in the future, I always get worried thinking about the fact that anything could happen while I’m there. Throughout time there has been A LOT of terrorists attacks and bombings. For instance, at Ariana Grande’s concert tour, there was a bombing that occurred and killed many young girls and boys who just wanted to watch their favorite artist perform. It’s crazy to think such bad things, caused by terrible people can happen at an everyday event that people go to for fun to enjoy themselves and experience something new.

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