Largim Zhuta
Staff Writer

Nine of the Kayhi Drama, Debate, and Forensics members placed in the top three spots at the Juneau meet this past weekend.
“I think this was the highest we have scored regarding students’ speeches, drama pieces, and debate for a first meet, “ said coach Dave Mitchell. “I set the bar a little higher than usual, but we just have a very talented group of first year debaters. They learned a lot, had great attitudes and I was just very pleased.”
Arick Mattson, who took first place in overall speaking points was very pleased with the team’s performance as well.
“Kayhi dominated at this meet,“ said Mattson. “They [the first year members] did a lot better than everyone else in their first year. “

Speaker points
1st – Arick Mattson
3rd – Frances Barry
5th – Raevyn Goodson

Expository speaking
2nd – Sam Winburn
3rd – Dametre Williams-Martin
4th – Thomas Brooks

Extemporaneous commentary speaking
4th – Henry Clark
6th – Brandon Roof

Original Oration
1st – Piper Cooper
2nd – Raevyn Goodson
3rd – Madyson Traudt

Extemporaneous speaking
2nd – Piper Cooper
3rd (tie) – Frances Barry
3rd (tie) – Thomas Brooks
4th – Dametre Williams-Martin

Humorous interpretation
3rd – Arick Mattson

Readers Theatre
2nd – Arick Mattson, Seth Chernick, Meriel English, Henry Clark

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