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What effect do you think this era of “super teams” will have on the NBA?

Gavin Salazar:
The era of the “super teams” is making the NBA very hard to watch. The ratings are terrible and all of the teams suck compared to these “super teams.” In my opinion there are two levels of these super teams with the first being the Cavs and the Warriors. Then on the next there are teams like the Celtics, Rockets, and the Thunder. Maybe a couple games a year might be exciting but none of the players really try. That is why March Madness and college basketball is becoming more popular. And once they get to the playoffs, there might be a couple good games, but it will probably still be the Cavs and the Warriors in the championship just like it has been the last couple years and those games are the only ones that are a little fun to watch. The “super teams” are ruining the NBA and it will continue to be less and less popular.

Kody Malouf:
It makes the NBA even more unwatchable than it already is. 75% of the teams are awful and the teams that are good don’t try until the playoffs. Kevin Durant (the worst person on Earth) started all this nonsense and it’s since spiralled out of control. What’s worse is when it comes time for these super teams to actually care about basketball again… it’s the same teams in the finals every year! The NBA is nothing more than a stupid game with nothing real at stake. The Cavs and Warriors will play in the finals for the 29th straight time and the gargantuan Golden State bandwagon will get even more full of 12-year olds sporting their Durant jerseys and their Curry 3’s. The only exciting thing in the NBA anymore is Draymond Green “accidentally” kicking guys in the nuts. Watch college basketball if you want to watch people play like the game means something.

Marcus Lee:
NBA super teams have never been a problem back in the day. Jordan always wanted to play Larry, Magic hated Jordan, John Stockton and the Jazz wanted revenge from losing in game 7 to the Bulls. Basketball at that time was at it’s finest until in 2010, Lebron James left his beloved town to join the 2010 All Star MVP Dwyane Wade and a dominate forward in the making Chris Bosh. Along with very good veterans coming off the bench, the Miami Heat were the most talented team in the league, but all good dynasties come to an end. Lebron went back to Cleveland and then the NBA started to look good again, you had four teams very likely to end up in the finals (Golden State, OKC, Toronto, and Cleveland.) OKC had a good run and lost to GS in game 7. Everyone knows that another year with readjustments, OKC could go all the way, but no. Kevin Durant, the snake, decided to join the most hated team in the West, Golden State. It’s very hard to watch one of the best players join a team with four other all-star players. The NBA was hard to watch, two years in a row you had Golden State and Cleveland face off in the finals… boring. Should the NBA even have a regular season anymore? It’s 2017 and the offseason for the NBA has been crazy, teams are building in the West and that gives more pressure on the hated superteam GS. On the East, Cavs are still going to dominate , but it’s going to be very interesting to see the way this season plays out with a bunch of good teams this year.

Gabe Bowlen:
Only recently have people thought of super teams as an abomination to the NBA. People think that they’re bad for the league, and that they cancel the potential of teams that would have a chance if “super teams” didn’t exist. Though there are these opinions, it’s been proven in past seasons that even without a so called “super team”, a single-player lead team could be successful. Hence, Russell Westbrook with the Thunder, James Harden with the Rockets, and Giannis Antetokounmpo with the Bucks. In reality, all super teams do is pose as what a single-player lead team should expect in every game.

Wyatt Barajas:
The effect will show in their ratings. The rating on the NBA in the past 5 years has gone down tremendously. There is no good basketball being played, it’s just these powerful teams that lose 10 games a season and the teams that are not even .500 in the playoffs, which results the same teams in the finals. I think this is making people not want to watch. The last three finals have been the Cavs and Warriors. With the 2017-2018 season starting tonight, I can confidently tell you it will be the same and it will surprise me very much if it isn’t. Those two teams have spent the last three years stacking their lineups. The Cavs picked up Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, a first round draft pick for Kyrie Irving. That is insane to add on to their already stacked line up, not even talking about D-Wade or D-Rose. Some might be happy to see all these players compete together, but the fact is there will be no competition. So in conclusion, it’s boring.

Kyle Smith:
I feel like there will be way more bandwagon fans. People who were originally fans of teams who are now super teams will probably stop watching the NBA all together. The teams who are awful in the NBA are now even worse and I feel like it will have a negative effect all together. I like to watch good close games like the  NCAA Basketball Tournament, and the NBA is starting to lose my interest. With all of the acting and drama, I’d think that people will start to lose interest in watching. I hope that the super teams just suck this year and a team like the Lakers will just somehow magically destroy the league. The Cavs and the Warriors will probably be in the finals because they have become the biggest super teams in the league.


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