My Mom: Taken For Granted


Illustration by: Zoe Spencer

Keri Thomas
Staff Writer

Looking at colleges online is a common thing for my mom and I to do on the weekends. Recently, we were looking online at dorm rooms for the University of Montana and all of a sudden something struck my mom as she sat up and looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “I can’t believe you’re really going to leave”.
At first, I was kind of confused. We both knew this was coming all along, we had been looking at colleges all summer. But in this moment, I realized what it all meant, not only for my mother, but for me.
Next year I will be off on my own, being an independent adult like I’ve always wanted to be. But it will not be easy without the help and support of the biggest role model in my life, my mom.
My mother is a kindergarten teacher. She’s the mom who is extremely caring, sweet, protective, and patient… but times ten. Because of her, I’ve never had to worry about the simple things in life like money for food and shelter, and advice on everyday problems. My mom is someone I can vent all my feelings to and who will always genuinely care about them. Her questions about school, dance, homework, and boys always seemed nosey to me; but now I realize it helped us create a great bond and made it easy for me to share my feelings with her.
When I was searching for colleges, I never thought about the reality of leaving my mom. I knew I had a great life because of her, but now I don’t know if I ever gave her credit or appreciated what I had. Realizing it will all be taken away is when I started to truly appreciate all my mom has done for me. My sister, who is currently in college, calls my mom almost every day which seems crazy to me. She would have been the last person anyone would expect to do this, but it shows that everyone needs a person like my mom in their life to support them and love them.
I love my mom more than anything and it’s hard to believe I won’t be living in the same
house as her, that I won’t talk to her every morning, or go on walks with her after school. It’s hard to have someone who has made such a big impact in my life suddenly be miles and miles away.
Being able to realize this now before we are apart has made me cherish this last year with my mom even more. Making an effort to realize what you have can help you avoid taking the important things in life for granted. We want to live in these moments, not wish away our lives or dwell on the memories. Treasure the people and fortune you have now, because you never know when it could be gone. I want to enjoy my life fully and even though senior year is stressful and jam packed, I hope I can take a step back every once and awhile and be able to truly be in the moment and enjoy my senior year.


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