Largim Zhuta
Staff Writer

Kayhi placed first in two events, and made it to the final debate this past weekend in Skagway. Co-captain Piper Cooper and senior debater Arick Mattson placed first in Original Oration and Humorous Interpretation respectively.
Frances Barry and Chris Brown (5-1) took second in the final debate losing to Sitka. Co-captain Frances Barry believes she and her partner did well given the circumstances
“Chris and I had to argue the negative for the final debate, and we had never done at the meet,” said Barry. “Given that, I think we did a lot better than I expected at first.”
The next meet will be held in Sitka in December.

Speaker Points
3rd – Piper Cooper
6th – Madyson Traudt
7th – Thomas Brooks
9th – Frances Barry
10th – Chris Brown

Public Forum Debate
2nd – Frances Barry/Chris Brown (5-1)
3rd – Piper Cooper/Sam Winburn (5-1)
5th – Madyson Traudt/Thomas Brooks (4-2)
7th – Dametre Williams-Martin/Seth Chernick (4-2)
8th – Arick Mattson/Henry Clark (4-2)

Expository Speaking
3rd – Sam Winburn
4th – Dametre Williams-Martin
5th – Brendan Roof

Original Oration
1st- Piper Cooper

Humorous Interpretation
1st – Arick Mattson

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