National Honors Society Recap

Alex Boegler
Staff Writer

Last night 21 new members were welcomed into the National Honors Society. All of these students were chosen because of their high standards and exemplary work in and out of school. The inductees were chosen because they embody the four pillars of NHS, scholarship, leadership, character, and service.
The second year members welcomed each inductee with a personalized speech, explaining why they were chosen to be part of the Kayhi Chapter. President Chasina Klein said she is looking forward to completing service projects and hearing new insight from the first year members.
“I want to encourage them all to make the most of their time in NHS and of they are juniors, to run for leadership positions in the next year.”
The National Honors Society at Kayhi is responsible for getting out in the community and providing service where it is needed. Many of the students spend time volunteering at the Pioneer Home, helping and talking with the elderly. Junior and first year member Payton Simmons spends every Friday at the Pioneer Home visiting with the elderly.
“Being involved with the elderly is something i’ve always enjoyed,” Simmons said. “I love their presence and their happiness when I keep them company and participate in games.”  

2017 Inductees:
Ericha Apostol
Alex Boegler
Franklyn Correa
Cayla Danao
Crytsal Danao
Stephanie DeLeon
Hiro Fifield
Savannah Govoni
Jacie Johansen
Charisma Manalo
Maury Meiresonne
Nolan Meyer
Sydney Nichols
Molly O’Brien
Maya Parker
Chris Salita
Andrea Short
Payton Simmons
Brittany Slick
Stephanie Thompson
Mey Tuinei


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