Staff Picks

At the halfway point of the NFL season who do you think will win Super Bowl 52?

Kody Malouf: The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to win, no doubt in my mind. They’ve been at the top of the NFL power rankings all season and their lately average defense has finally caught up to their outstanding offense. Now that their offense is continuing their success and the defense has returned to former top five glory, the Steelers are ready to make a final push and climb the stairway to seven. Also, let’s not forget last time we predicted a sports championship, “Which wild card team has the best chance to win the World Series?” I predicted right. I know what I’m talking about.

Liam Kiffer:  Many may not think of the Browns as a powerhouse, but given they’re 1-24 in the last 25 games, they’re due for a ship. The first half of the season was led by inexperienced quarterback DeShone Kizer who threw for a whopping four touchdowns, on a side note he has only thrown 12 interceptions so far. The Browns only lost this week to the Lions by a miniscule of 14 points. Kizer only threw one interception making it the team’s best game of the year.  I am certain that they will ride this momentum all the way to Super Bowl 52.

Hannah Maxwell: There’s no way that the New England Patriots don’t make it to the Super Bowl. Zero chance. Tom Brady will lead his team to yet another Lombardi Trophy. It almost seems unfair how good he is. The Eagles’ have a pretty easy schedule, so it would be surprising if they weren’t 8-1. The Chiefs, the only team to have beaten both the Patriots and the Eagles, started hot, but now Hunt and Hill are coming back down to earth. Moral of the story, the Patriots are the best and Bill Belichick knows how to win.

Joey Karlik: I would love to see my boys, the Pittsburgh Steelers and my little seven year old cousin Lance’s Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl. The black and gold bumblebees have been pretty dominate these past couple of years and I think this is their year. Philadelphia is on a hot hand and could beat the up teams in the NFC. The thing is though, Wentz is too inexperienced to lead his team to hold the trophy up in Minnesota. I will take the the experienced Big Ben 27-19. But honestly, I love football so much that I probably won’t care who plays for the trophy. Unless New England gets in again, Brady just stop being good already!

Wyatt Barajas: I don’t care because I don’t watch that much football because they are being outlandish in their protests. If the Miami Dolphins win the Super Bowl, it will not make me very happy because they are acting like un american men. The NFL is more about who is not standing and respecting our flag than actual football. No team will truly win because they will not have the gratification from full fan support.

Leif Stephens: As much as I would love to see the Seahawks take another Super Bowl trophy back to Seattle, I think the Los Angeles Rams will head to Super Bowl 52 along with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Rams have recently returned to Los Angeles after being in St. Louis since 1995 and they’re winning their way to the top of the league. Overall I think the Rams will come out victorious over the Steelers by large. I predict the first half of the game will be pretty back and forth score wise which will keep the game interesting. But when the second half gets going the Rams will completely dominate the Steelers and send them to the locker room cryin.

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