Gustafson, Tavares set State Records

Hannah Maxwell
Staff Writer

Freshmen Shania Gustafson and Natalie Tavares both set state records over the weekend in their first powerlifting meet, hosted by Body Mechanics. Gustafson benched 120 and Tavares benched 85 and squatted 165. Gustafson said she works out everyday in Kayhi’s girls conditioning class and started her powerlifting campaign only 3 months ago.
“I wanted to show that I could be more than just a small chubby girl,” Gustafson said. ”Next spring I’m going to try to beat the deadlift of 320.”
Girl’s conditioning teacher Allegra Machado said she was very proud of the girls.
“Shania comes in everyday wanting to lift and get stronger.” Machado said. “As a class we watched some videos and had Kevin Manabat came in from Ketchikan Crossfit and go over proper from with the girls. Come the spring meet they’re going to be even stronger.”

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