Staff Pick

If you had to go through high school again knowing everything you know now, what would you do differently?

Verona Kamberi:
I would have definitely tried out for the Kayhi basketball team. After watching NBA for about a good four years, I think my inner Lebron James would have unleashed on the Kayhi court. Man… I’d score 15 points  and I’d drop nine dimes each game, I’d be so good that the coach would want me on the varsity team. But sadly, I never tried out and I never had the chance to show off my basketball skills. I guess I just missed an opportunity to be the next big thing, and by that I mean be Lebron James. Now I guess I’m just the water girl…

Alex Boegler:
Well, first off I would have a melt down. Then I would pull myself together and get ready for school. I would make sure to not wear socks and sandals, I have learned that is a major fashion faux pas. Another thing I would change, is making homework a priority. I’ve always struggled with that and being able to have another shot of establishing a solid homework schedule would be baller. The final thing I would change is being more confident. I have always assumed that people don’t like me unless they show me otherwise. But, now with my wise senior brain, I know that is not the case. If I had the chance to be a freshman again, I would be more confident in myself and not be afraid to say what I want to say and be who I want to be.

Joey Karlik:
Having all of that knowledge and this scenario would be having too much power. Would I do it for my own personal benefit or do the right thing? Honestly I wouldn’t change anything for my high school course. My high school experience has been very productive. I’d still wrestle, play soccer, and maintain a 4.0. My friend group wouldn’t change as well. With all that in my mind, I may smack myself in the head and take wrestling seriously my freshman year. It probably would be more likely to take a state title or have more region titles. With the information I have, I see it as my obligation to use it to change other people’s life–like the inner Boy Scout tells me to do. Before anyone makes a bad decision, I would warn them not to do whatever the are about to do. I’d be the ultimate guardian angel around the school.

Largim Zhuta:
If Marty McFly taught us anything in Back to the Future II is that you get rich if something like that happens. If you have to go through high school again knowing everything you knew the day of graduation, you might as well get rich of that info. Once that is figured out, I would do a lot of things differently. I’d participate in different activities and try to get different friends and acquaintances. I have had an awesome high school experience, and I have amazing friends. I wouldn’t change it out of spite, but out of curiosity. What if I had done ballet and soccer in addition to basketball? What if I had learned to play an instrument? What if I had different best friends? Most of what I would do would be selfish, I wouldn’t try to change the course of history because frankly what’s the point to it? Would it be because I sincerely care to change the course of history for the better, or would it be for the egotistical and assumed praise I would get for doing it? Through the deliberate changes, I undoubtedly would cause changes I didn’t intend for, or change relationships, or aspects of my life that I never thought of. All in all, I wouldn’t want to replay my life, I would love to live out another version of it, mostly out of curiosity.

Dante Troina:
Okay, anyone who would complain in this situation isn’t seeing the bigger picture at all. Sure, high school is made up of long, boring days where nothing exciting seems to go on, but why would I have to go to high school when I could just bet my money on scores from football games that I remember pick a perfect bracket, or tell all my friends that the Falcons will blow a 28-3 lead before it happens? I’ve had a conversation about this situation happening before, and people have told me that if I were to bet money, it would be cheating; my response: “So what?” If you could go back with all of your future knowledge of life, what would you do? Sit around and complain about it, or maximize your potential as a human being for the next four years?

Keri Thomas:
I’d try out for sports like cross-country, volleyball, and softball. I have always been very competitive and never truly embraced that side of me as a dancer. It would be great to try new things. I am a planner and knowing what was going to happen before it did would be great! But would it actually? Some of the best things in my high school years weren’t planned or thought out. If this hypothetical was true, I probably wouldn’t actually try out for other sports with the fear of changing my friends and personality. The truth is that of course there are things I wish I could go back and change, but I love where I am right now and wouldn’t want anything to interfere with that. So no, I wouldn’t do anything different because I believe things happen for a reason.

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