Lady Kings defeat Sitka

The Lady Kings (8-5) swept Sitka at home last weekend, avenging a December loss to the Wolves. Kayhi defeated Sitka 41-32 Friday night and Saturday night 52-39.
Kayhi led by 16 heading into the 4th quarter Friday night and held off a late charge by Sitka.
Sitka kept some of that momentum Saturday and led 11-6 after the first quarter, but Kayhi held the Wolves scoreless in the second quarter.
Senior Brittany Slick led all scorers both nights with 16 points on Friday and 17 points on Saturday.

Kayhi JV and C teams started both nights with wins over Sitka:
32-31 and 30-19 Friday; 39-34 and 35-12 Saturday.




Kings place 1st

Kayhi boys (7-6) took 1st in the Service Tip off Classic on Saturday with the win against Delta Junction 59-38.
Sophomore Chris Lee said the Kings gained confidence and are getting better as a team.
“It felt good to win and play some good basketball. It was a big weekend knowing it was the last time we were in Anchorage and heading into conference games with some confidence,” said Lee. “We played hard and together, I think we are starting to play the way we’ve wanted all year and we just have to improve on everything everyday.”

Kings face Palmer

The Kings (5-6, 0-0) will play Palmer (7-3, 1-1) at 6 p.m. in the Service Tip-off. Kayhi is coming off a loss last night at Wasilla, 53-44.
The Kings and the Moose have yet to face off this year, but they have shared common opponents. Earlier this year Kayhi lost 73-68 to West Anchorage in the Clarke Cochrane Christmas Classic. Palmer lost to West 72-51. Both teams have also lost to Wasilla – Palmer by 18, and Kayhi by 9.
The last time these two teams faced off was last year – Kayhi lost 50-49.


Best movie moments 2017

Dante Troina
Staff Writer

2017 is at a close, Oscar nominees have been announced, and (most) movies from last year have made their rounds through theaters. Now is the perfect time to talk about the best moments in movies across 2017, a year in which we experienced the Justice League on screen for the first time, and a new Star Wars movie was released; there were plenty of great scenes and moments that made me feel like a five year old rediscovering his passion for movies again. So here are my top five movie moments of the past year:

 IT – Georgie Meets Pennywise

I don’t think there’s another scene from 2017 that will be more remembered than the shot of Pennywise peeking out of the sewer at Georgie in his yellow raincoat. Like the purple-infused La La Land dancing shot in 2016, or Max tied to the front of a post apocalyptic death car in 2015, Pennywise in the sewer showed where film was at this year, and was a scene to define a year in movies.
Georgie’s innocence in his short screen time is cranked up to 100, making the scene even more intense mid way through the conversation, when he thinks something is wrong about this clown being in the sewer. Pennywise’s dialogue in the scene is so simple, but it just works. The way Bill Skarsgard chooses to enunciate the words as he says them is just perfect. The excitement in, ‘My name is Pennywise, the dancing clown’ just seems like he knows he’s about to get his first kill in years on this unsuspecting child.
The Dancing Clown eventually just resorts to the most simple phrase when you’re convincing a kid to get something, ‘here… Take it’ he says as his eyes light up and the hand pokes down, out from underneath the yellow raincoat Georgie is sporting. Pennywise then grows into the mouth of jaws, and chomps off poor Georgie’s arm; Georgie thrusts back and tries crawling away, but it is too little, too late, the last image we see is him getting dragged into the sewer, leaving it up to our imaginations what comes next.

 Spider-Man: Homecoming – Car Interrogation

I heard about ten different iterations of ‘oh s***’ in my theatre as Peter Parker is greeted at the front door of his homecoming date by… The villain he’s been trying to take down all movie.
The timing of this scene is absolutely perfect; right as the second act dies down, we’re kind of left off with a broken Peter, wondering where he’ll go after Tony Stark takes his suit back. As Adrian Toomes/The Vulture opens the door, it’s clear as day exactly what Peter needs to and will do to prove he’s Spider-Man.
What follows is one of the funniest and most awkward date pictures of all time being taken, and then Peter and his date Liz are off to Homecoming, being driven by The Vulture. The whole car ride, Peter can’t blink or take his eyes off of Toomes, and as Liz engages in small talk, Toomes starts to piece together, slowly, who Peter really is. What I love so much about this scene is that it’s dialogue driven in an action movie. Me and my friends could literally go into a car and (with worse acting) remake the scene entirely if we wanted to.
Sweat slowly begins to become reminiscent on Peter’s face as he starts to realize something is up, and Liz is still as oblivious as ever, bringing up even more points for her dad to believe Peter is Spider-Man. When they arrive at the dance, Toomes tells his daughter that he needs to give ‘Pete’ the ‘dad talk,’ and let me tell you, I wouldn’t mess with this guy in a million years. He immediately turns with a gun in his hand and gives Peter two options: go in the dance and show my daughter a good time, or come after me and die. Peter walks in the dance with the most feverish look on his face, and then makes his choice, starting off a thrilling third act.

 Baby Driver – Opening Scene

Most of the scenes on here have an emotional peak or a personal reason as to why I like them, but the opening scene for Baby Driver makes my list because it’s just awesome. From the first frame, the theme and tone of the entire film is established. The camera quickly cuts to each of the four main characters, and you know exactly who each of them are just by the looks on their faces. As the words to Bellbottoms begin, Ansel Elgort becomes immediately charismatic and charming as his adoration for music and his car is equally apparent.
The getaway chase is where the scene really picks up though. Baby (Elgort) quickly whips his bright red Subaru around and is followed by multiple cop cars. The best part about the chase is that it combines imaginative elements and crazy stunts, all while being plausible and practical. So many car chases in movies nowadays get it wrong because they just have a ton of flips and crazy stunts that don’t look real and take you out of the movie (I’m looking at you, Transformers), but what Baby Driver gets right is how it captures the moment, and makes the protagonists that are already likeable after a minute of screen time seem vulnerable, but while also showcasing Baby’s skills as a driver.
The end of the scene really sets it apart, as Baby is followed by a helicopter, he confuses it’s tracking with a quick and very clever maneuver; and just like that, Baby Driver is up there with Mad Max and The Dark Knight as one of my favorite car chases of all time.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi  – Throne Room Fight

As the plot is coming to a head in The Last Jedi, this scene acts as the centerpiece for the conflict throughout the film. After Kylo Ren kills Supreme Leader Snoke in the most shocking way possible, it appears for a brief moments that him and Rey are both on the light side of the force as they fight the red guards of Snoke’s throne room.
The shot of Kylo and Rey back to back with their lightsabers lit is poster picture that I’m going to put on my first son’s wall. As they join together, the audience at my midnight premiere screamed and clapped with joy, some people even jumped to their feet with their arms in the air. It was exhilarating. The ensuing fight didn’t disappoint at all either. The eight red guards actually made for a compelling opponent, as they felt worthy enough to put our heroes in danger. Rey and Kylo both showcase their skills without just blowing through the guards, the choreography makes them struggle through each encounter, and had me on the edge of my seat all three times I saw the movie in theaters. Eventually, it gets down to Kylo being choked out by one guard and Rey throwing her lightsaber to him as he lights it through the guard’s head, yeah, it’s awesome, and the creative use of the force is the perfect way to end a fight.


Wonder Woman – No Man’s Land


Every superhero has an origin story that hits home, whether it’s Bruce Wayne’s parents getting murdered in front of him, Peter Parker’s uncle dying on the street, or Captain America being the good kid that finally gets a chance to do what he’s always wanted.
For Wonder Woman, the origin is a little… Different. Being molded out of clay by her mother as the greek god Zeus strikes with a bolt of lightning to create life; this makes it incredibly hard to relate to Diana and gives little to no reason for the audience to care about her desire to save lives and fight evil.
Instead of focusing her origin story in Themyscira, director Patty Jenkins instead shows her youth in the city, without developing her character mentally. Diana essentially stays herself in spirit and mental state as she gets older, and her only real development is in her strength and fighting skills as she grows older.
When Wonder Woman’s personal growth comes into view is when she leaves Themyscira, and is thrown into a trench with British soldiers, moving absolutely nowhere, as the German troops are right across a field of nothing in another trench. A field known as ‘No Man’s Land.’ This is where the film could’ve went the absolute wrong way. Wonder Woman could’ve said, “but I am not a man.” It could’ve been overly corny or an awfully timed ‘girl power’ moment, and as Diana turned to the camera, I prepared myself for the cringe worthy dialogue that was inbound, but it didn’t come, instead, Diana says, “It’s what I have to do.”
It’s truly a beautifully realized line, and creates the first piece of mental character development she’s had in the entire movie. Wonder Woman steps into the battlefield, and watches bullets whizz by her, and blocks multiple with her bulletproof bracelets of submission. The choice of filming in slow motion pays off as well, it puts all the focus on Diana and every movement seems that much more important. Eventually, the germans unload everything they’ve got on her, and she blocks them with her shield almost effortlessly, creating some of the most powerful images of the year and some of the best visual storytelling as well.
This scene is timeless, and will be an image that no one forgets for years to come, and that is why it was my favorite movie moment of 2017.


Staff Pick

What’s the scariest part of being in Alaska?

Alex Boegler:
To me the scariest part of living in Alaska is the potential threat of a tsunami. I always wonder what would happen if there was a natural disaster. You can only go so far on an island. How would Ketchikan get their supplies? Where would everyone go? How will the city communicate? You look at places like Puerto Rico that have been hit by such devastating storms, and you can’t help but wonder what you would do in that situation. Would my 8th grade survival trip skills kick in? Do we break out the can and string phones? A tsunami is probably my worst nightmare. Thanks to the recent tsunami warnings I had to go through the horror of imagining what would happen if a massive wave came rolling onto the streets. If a huge wave came crashing down on my house I don’t even know what I would do. I can barely swim, I don’t think a doggy paddle will save my life in this situation. Speaking of doggy paddle, what would happen to my dogs? This might be the worst part of a potential tsunami, those poor little guys would be so scared. Even though it isn’t very likely for our little island to be hit by a tsunami it still leaves me shaking in my boots.

Adrian Ronquillo:
Being a senior about to head off to college, the scariest part about Alaska is not being in Alaska. The scenery here is unlike any other. Just a simple sunrise or sunset over the calm waters and BOOM, it’s something you instantly want to post on your Instagram or Snapchat story. The sense of community is another aspect that I would really be afraid of missing. My experience with the community of Ketchikan has been an amazing one. I plan on heading to Tacoma, Washington for college, and I don’t know if I’m looking forward to suddenly becoming anonymous in a city of over 200,000 people! The scariest part about Alaska is that I’ll have to leave it, and no one likes having to leave their home.

Joey Karlik:
Imagine you are on your way home from a basketball game. You are so pumped cause your team won so you’re wide awake. You are driving under the speed limit, like a good person, in your surprisingly small car. You aren’t on your phone. You say to yourself, what could go wrong? Then you make a turn and you suddenly lose control of the car. The wheel lets loose and BAM! You’ve hit another car and caused an accident. All thanks to the one horror I hate to face every year… BLACK ICE. You can’t avoid it and it can hit you on any part of the road. There were so many accidents last winter and I thought I was going to be next. Now if you asked some lower forty-eight people this question they would say either polar bears or wolves or sasquatch or something absurd or crazy. Not me. Black Ice is deadly and you can’t even see it!

Richard Stuart:
I think the scariest part of being in Alaska is definitely being attacked by a bear. Although not a lot of bear attacks happen, being torn apart by a bear would be a very grisly way to die. If you ever do get attacked by a bear, you should probably act dead until the bear leaves. But if you ever see a bear and think that it might attack, start making a lot of noise, but you should never run because the bear would probably chase you, and catch you.

Rosie K:
I think that the only scary part about being an Alaska is being so secluded. If something really bad happened it might take a while for any help to come. Other than that, living in Alaska seems pretty safe. Any outdoor activities that could potentially be dangerous are generally supervised. If they aren’t, there’s usually always safety classes available to learn how to handle scary situations. Living in Ketchikan seems particularly safe because we’re so far south, and we don’t have any really dangerous animals. We also live on an island so tsunamis don’t pose a very major threat. There also isn’t very much crime here, so overall I’d say it’s a super safe place to live.

Rule Forces Band to Move

Alex Boegler
Staff Writer

The Kayhi Pep Band is trying to find a new home after a new nation-wide regulation has banned spectators, cheerleaders and pep bands from standing or sitting behind the baskets.
The rule was first enforced by referees during the Clarke Cochrane Christmas Classic. Since then the Pep Band has tried a two-bleacher approach, performing from the bleachers and have finally settled into the corner by the weight room.
This is a problem for the band because it breaks them apart, which causes difficulty hearing each other. Junior percussionist Collette Rhein said splitting the band apart was really difficult.
“It was really hard because it was hard to see or hear each other,” said Rhein. “The drum line was split up so it was even harder. As the drumline we are supposed to keep the band on time, but we couldn’t hear each other.”
A new rule issued by the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS), rule 1-20, pertains to non-playing personnel on the sidelines of the court, this includes everyone from cheerleaders to pep band. The rule provides a clear standard for the space that must be left open behind the basket.
Athletic Director, Lynn Wadley said that the issue arose when the band members music stands started getting closer and closer to the court.
“Music stands were encroaching during a game at clarke…,” said Wadley. “I think what first brought the attention to it was the pep band members right behind the key, opponent on the free throw line and pep band members are going like this [waving their hands]  which is unsportsmanlike rude behavior…”
However that is not the main reason for enforcing this new rule.
“For most it’s safety,” said Wadley. “And observing the boundaries of the extended key.”
This not only affects the band, it affects the basketball players. Part of the home court advantage is having the cheerleaders, the pep club, and the band there cheering.
Junior boys basketball player, Cody Kemble, said that having the pep band there is very important to the team.
“It is something that is really appreciated, especially when we travel to places like Anchorage and there isn’t much school spirit,” said Kemble. “It really helps me remember that we have a ton of support and that helps a lot.”


Kayhi Students Receive Laptops

Wyatt Barajas
Staff Writer

Kayhi students who did not opt-out received their school issued laptops last Wednesday. The school decided to give out the computers so students will have a 1:1 opportunity with technology. Principal Bob Marshall said the purpose was to get technology into students life because it will be prominent in the rest of their everyday life.
“Elementary schools have a one 1:1 program and so does Schoenbar, but you get to Kayhi and there is a technology vacuum,” said Marshall. “But the reality is, that technology will be involved in your daily life most likely after high school when you move out to the real world in some form or another. Even if you’re working at McDonalds, all of their equipment works with technology.”
Some students at Kayhi are very excited to be able to have their computers on sports trips to help with homework. Junior Cody Kemble said he likes having his computer because it helps him keep up with his homework and stay in contact with his teachers.
“I’ve enjoyed being able to work on my homework on Google Drive pretty much whenever I want,” said Kemble. “It helps a lot with turning in assignments while gone and keeping up to date, also not having to worry about losing homework.”
Other students were not too happy about the computers in the beginning, but are now pleased about them. Sophomore Alex Malouf said he was going to opt out of his laptop because of it being a Chromebook, but accepted it and is enjoying it so far.
“I really don’t like Chromebooks very much and that’s why I was just going to opt out,” said Malouf. “I really didn’t like it when I first got it, but so far it has really made school easier for me. I can take notes on it and never worry about losing them, also I enjoy being able to access the internet in all my classes, it’s very nice.”