Staff Pick

What is your resolution or focal word for 2018?

Hannah Maxwell:
Productivity. As I head into my last semester of high school I’ve come to the realization that I have lost my drive. The closer to the finish line, the less motivated I become. So my goal for 2018 is to be more productive. I want to do more than just go through the motions and exist. I hate looking back on days or weeks and not being able to point out one substantial thing I accomplished. Everyday I want to dominate at least one thing, the size of which not being a factor. I’m going to make being productive a habit this year. No more procrastinating the inevitable. Produce. Produce. Produce.

Arick Mattson:
Tradition. My family and I always have a set of guidelines through which we have to make a New Years resolution. The categories are: spiritual, physical, and family. For example, a member of my family can say that this year, they are going to give a talk in church, do one hundred pushups a day, and organize a family activity each week. Our spiritual goals don’t always have to revolve around our church. Sometimes, they can be service oriented, or it can be about reading the Bible. Our physical goals are almost always revolving around exercise, whether it’s in a group or as an individual. Our Family goals have only one rule. It must be a measurable goal through which you are strengthening a relationship, with at least one family member. My goals this upcoming year for each category is one, prepare for a mission for my church, two, run for a specific distance (about two miles a day at least), and three, have a one-on-one activity with each of my younger siblings once a month. Of course I have other goals for this year. However, with this tradition from my family, I am able to focus less on myself, and more about my family, and how I am helping them before I leave the nest.

Brayden Linne:
Finishing. Throughout 2017 I have noticed that many things in my life haven’t been getting done. Take journalism for example, I can have two to three articles nearly completed, but it still take days to finish them. Or in wrestling, I can be winning a match by more than ten points and then get pinned in the final minute. I have so many opportunities in life to finish in a good and early manner, but something in my mind prevents me from doing so. This year that’s gonna change, everything I do will be finished and out of the way as soon as I can. I will finally stop letting things stay unfinished and just get it done.


Liam Kiffer:
Not procrastinating. That is my focal word for the year. Everyday, I go home with a bucket load of homework. And everyday I manage to do about five minutes of actual work before I give up and watch Netflix till I go to sleep. My grades have suffered from this for years and yet something in my mind prevents me from giving a hoot about it. This years going to be different. College is right around the corner and I know that if I want a good secondary education, it’s time to lose the Netflix and start the studying. This applies to other things as well, not just school work. Generally most people do not enjoy doing un-fun things, such as studying, chores etc. But in order to be your best self in life, you have to have an attitude completely opposite of that. Never again will you hear me say, “Oh sorry I didn’t get that done” or “I didn’t have enough time to do that.” This is the year for change in my life. Mr. Lunds iconic saying, “Get it done” has never been more instrumental to my life as it is right now. In 2018 I intend to be everything I wasn’t in 2017. Starting tomorrow, I will change my life for the better.

Trevan Craig:
Industrious. I will push myself to be a better and more hardworking person this year. Laziness is something I intend to part with, seeing I am nearing my final year of Kayhi and I want to finish strong. My goal is to do better than the previous year, to create good habits for when I am graduated and work for a living. I will work hard to achieve this goal because I don’t just want to just progress in high-school, I want to triumph in Kayhi. Beginning this year I will push further to achieve my desires because what I do now in school,  will reflect how I do outside of it and I want to be successful. There are too many people who give up on what they want because it requires a lot of work. I don’t want to be one of those people. I want to be the type of person who dives into the work head first and comes out on top. Hard work isn’t something you make excuses for, you have to embrace it and put forth as best you can. I want to wake up in the morning for school determined and fall asleep satisfied.

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