DDF Dominates in Regional Meet

The Kayhi DDF team performed well this past weekend at their annual home meet.
Piper Cooper and Chris Brown made it to the final debate, but fell to Ella Lubin and Andurs Marius of Sitka High School. Cooper also placed first in Original Oration.
Arick Mattson placed first in Humorous Interpretation, making it three consecutive placements for first in that event this year. Frances Barry and Thomas Brooks took first in the Duo Interpretation event. Brandon Roof took second in Expository Speaking.
With the state competition right around the corner, the debaters are wasting no time in preparing for it.
“We know what we have cut out for us,” said Barry. “We have seen which arguments worked, which ones didn’t, and what we can do to improve our cases. In the month to come, we’ll be refining, tweaking, and researching more.”

Public Forum Debate
Chris Brown & Piper Cooper – 2nd
Brendan Roof & Jared Valentine – 4th
Thomas Brooks & Madyson Traudt – 6th
Frances Barry & Henry Clark – 7th
Abby Gaugler & Arick Mattson – 8th

Speaker Points
Piper Cooper – 3rd (Tie)
Seth Chernick – 3rd (Tie)
Jared Valentine – 6th
Madyson Traudt – 8th
Arick Mattson – 10th

Original Oration
Piper Cooper – 1st

Extemporaneous Speaking
Piper Cooper – 2nd
Frances Barry – 3rd

Extemporaneous Commentary
Arick Mattson – 3rd
Henry Clark – 5th

Expository Speaking
Brendan Roof – 2nd
Jared Valentine – 3rd

Duo Interpretation
Frances Barry & Thomas Brooks – 1st

Humorous Interpretation
Arick Mattson – 1st

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