Earthquake causes little panic

A 7.9 magnitude earthquake south of Kodiak Island at 12:30 a.m. triggered an emergency tsunami response.
Kayhi teacher Peter Stanton said he received the emergency message then went back to sleep.
“My wife woke me up as soon as the warning went off,” said Stanton. “I went back to sleep right away because I knew if it was going to hit me I wouldn’t wake up anyways.”
Senior Dawson Daniels said he reacted the same way.
“I was up when the warning was sent to my phone,” said Daniels. “I didn’t really care because I knew nothing was going to happen.”
The warning comes shortly after a ballistic missile warning in Hawaii that was mistakenly reported as “not a drill.” It prompted hysteria in the state.
The Anchorage Daily News reported the tallest tsunami wave was 8.5 inches above the tide.
The earthquake was felt as far south as Vancouver, Canada.

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