Kayhi Students Receive Laptops

Wyatt Barajas
Staff Writer

Kayhi students who did not opt-out received their school issued laptops last Wednesday. The school decided to give out the computers so students will have a 1:1 opportunity with technology. Principal Bob Marshall said the purpose was to get technology into students life because it will be prominent in the rest of their everyday life.
“Elementary schools have a one 1:1 program and so does Schoenbar, but you get to Kayhi and there is a technology vacuum,” said Marshall. “But the reality is, that technology will be involved in your daily life most likely after high school when you move out to the real world in some form or another. Even if you’re working at McDonalds, all of their equipment works with technology.”
Some students at Kayhi are very excited to be able to have their computers on sports trips to help with homework. Junior Cody Kemble said he likes having his computer because it helps him keep up with his homework and stay in contact with his teachers.
“I’ve enjoyed being able to work on my homework on Google Drive pretty much whenever I want,” said Kemble. “It helps a lot with turning in assignments while gone and keeping up to date, also not having to worry about losing homework.”
Other students were not too happy about the computers in the beginning, but are now pleased about them. Sophomore Alex Malouf said he was going to opt out of his laptop because of it being a Chromebook, but accepted it and is enjoying it so far.
“I really don’t like Chromebooks very much and that’s why I was just going to opt out,” said Malouf. “I really didn’t like it when I first got it, but so far it has really made school easier for me. I can take notes on it and never worry about losing them, also I enjoy being able to access the internet in all my classes, it’s very nice.”

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