Rule Forces Band to Move

Alex Boegler
Staff Writer

The Kayhi Pep Band is trying to find a new home after a new nation-wide regulation has banned spectators, cheerleaders and pep bands from standing or sitting behind the baskets.
The rule was first enforced by referees during the Clarke Cochrane Christmas Classic. Since then the Pep Band has tried a two-bleacher approach, performing from the bleachers and have finally settled into the corner by the weight room.
This is a problem for the band because it breaks them apart, which causes difficulty hearing each other. Junior percussionist Collette Rhein said splitting the band apart was really difficult.
“It was really hard because it was hard to see or hear each other,” said Rhein. “The drum line was split up so it was even harder. As the drumline we are supposed to keep the band on time, but we couldn’t hear each other.”
A new rule issued by the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS), rule 1-20, pertains to non-playing personnel on the sidelines of the court, this includes everyone from cheerleaders to pep band. The rule provides a clear standard for the space that must be left open behind the basket.
Athletic Director, Lynn Wadley said that the issue arose when the band members music stands started getting closer and closer to the court.
“Music stands were encroaching during a game at clarke…,” said Wadley. “I think what first brought the attention to it was the pep band members right behind the key, opponent on the free throw line and pep band members are going like this [waving their hands]  which is unsportsmanlike rude behavior…”
However that is not the main reason for enforcing this new rule.
“For most it’s safety,” said Wadley. “And observing the boundaries of the extended key.”
This not only affects the band, it affects the basketball players. Part of the home court advantage is having the cheerleaders, the pep club, and the band there cheering.
Junior boys basketball player, Cody Kemble, said that having the pep band there is very important to the team.
“It is something that is really appreciated, especially when we travel to places like Anchorage and there isn’t much school spirit,” said Kemble. “It really helps me remember that we have a ton of support and that helps a lot.”


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