The Kings (7-6) are battling Mt. Edgecumbe (8-5) this weekend on their home court. It is the first of a 6-game homestand for Kayhi.
Junior Gavin Salazar said that after being gone for two long weeks the Kings are excited and are preparing for Edgecumbe.
“We are excited to come back and play some home games after being up north for a while,” said Salazar. “Edgecumbe had a different style of play then most of the teams we’ve seen this year so we have been working on some different stuff in practice to get ready for that.”
Mt. Edgecumbe split with Thunder Mountain on Jan. 26. The Falcons lost by 1 and won by 28 the following night. Both Mt. Edgecumbe and Kayhi defeated Bartlett this year, Kayhi by 21, Mt. Edgecumbe by 2.
Saturday’s game will be an endowment and not count on either of the teams’ records.

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