Staff Pick

Super Bowl Predictions

Dante Troina:
Picking against Tom Brady and Bill Belichick is just plain stupid at this point. The duo is two lucky plays away from being undefeated in Super Bowls, and predicting an Eagles win feels more inaccurate than a Nick Foles pass. All momentum the Eagles have gained from playing the mediocre Matt Ryans and Case Keenums of the world will stop when they step on the field with the best football dynasty ever. The Philadelphia defense, highlighted by Fletcher Cox and Jalen Mills, has been dominating everybody, having some of the best pass rushers and defensive back units in all of football, and will probably force the Patriots into a couple mistakes that swing field position for their offense to score. As the game goes on, however, New England’s weapons will start to wear down of the Eagles’ defense. With Brandin Cooks, Danny Amendola, Chris Hogan, and Gronk taking turns catching Brady’s perfectly thrown passes, the Patriots have an embarrassment of riches at the receiving end. Bill Belichick also has running back depth that is interchangeable between four players, including last year’s Super Bowl hero James White and the ‘which way should I score on you this time’ Dion Lewis. The Patriots will win 27-23 in another classic game; Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s legacies will be cemented (again), the Twitterverse will claim the NFL is rigged (again), Philadelphia’s rowdy fans will be sent home with a pat on the back and a ‘better luck next year,’ and balance will be restored in the football universe.

Joey Karlik:
My heart wants the Eagles but my mind and gut say the Patriots. The Pats always get to the Super Bowl for a reason, it doesn’t matter that they lost their best WR or their best defensive player. They don’t have to rely on star players; they didn’t have Gronk last year and still won. This year, the ending is gonna be different though. Here’s what’s gonna happen. Nick Foles will struggle early so the defense will have to carry the team in the first half. Tom and company will take the lead early, but Foles will rally his team at half with a two touchdown deficit and be only down three by the 4th quarter. The rejuvilent Eagles defense will get after Old Man Brady and limit him to punts. The Eagles will tie it up with 1:30 left giving the Patriots the ball. Brady will get his team down the sideline with no timeouts left and Stephen Gostkowski will miss the game-winning field goal. This will be the second Super Bowl to go into overtime. The Patriots will get the ball to the 1 yard line and people think that the game is over, but then the Patriots will FUMBLE IN THE ENDZONE. The Eagles will get down the field and Jake Elliot will kick a game ending field goal to win it. Brady and Belichick will be stunned. For once a kicker will be named Super Bowl MVP. That is my bold prediction and I’m sticking to it.

Hannah Maxwell:
The New England Patriots are the more experienced team and that will ultimately be the deciding factor. You can’t argue with Tom Brady’s resume and Nick Foles is a backup quarterback who has never even been to the Super Bowl. The Eagles defense is good, but they aren’t going to shut out Tom Brady for four quarters. Unless Foles rises to the occasion and has another 300 yard passing day, I don’t see a happy ending for the “underdogs.” I’m predicting a 38-20 final score. My beloved Patriots will be taking home yet another Lombardi Trophy to add to the collection, and more importantly Tom Brady will have the chance to go out with the bang he deserves.

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