Marquee Man


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Staff Writer
Alex Boegler

Only a few brave souls dare to face the elements in order to update the marquee. Kayhi’s D Jay O’Brien is the toughest of them all. He has been giving the student body and residents of Ketchikan the latest updates on all things Kayhi for three years now.
D Jay O’Brien, the man in charge, said he first noticed the lack of new Kayhi happenings when he would see the same news up for months at a time.
“ It used to be done just sporadically, once in a great while stuff would show up here,” Said O’Brien. “ It would go up in May and would still be sitting in there in September.” Even though it’s a tough job these guys are committed. The marquee is updated weekly, whenever the weather permits. O’Brien has a simple outlook on keeping the board updated.
“Either keep it up to date, or leave it blank.”
Although the job isn’t easy, O’Brien has a fun doing it. Once in awhile he likes to throw up some propaganda for his favorite NFL team, the Patriots.
“One year I put ‘Free Brady!’ up on the board a took a picture of it and emailed it to all the teachers.”



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