Housers Needed for Regions

Verona Kamberi
Editor in chief

A few dozen students are still looking for housing for next week’s regional tournament. Activities Director, Lynn Wadley, said she hopes that everyone will be housed.
“We have no choice but to have them sleep in a classroom at the school if they don’t get housed,” said Wadley. “If they stay at the school we are required to provide one meal for them under the region policy.”
Housing Director, Deidra Nuss, said the kids participating are responsible for housing.
Boys basketball, Girls basketball, Cheer, Dance, and Pep Band are all responsible for housing 2-4 kids​,” said Nuss. “We still need housing for about 30-40 more kids​. [If] the teams get group housed at the school-the problem with that is that there are only 8 showers​.”
English teacher, Linnaea Troina, said she doesn’t mind housing.
“I like housing,” said Troina. We have friends whose house is too small so we are taking two of their people. My husband thinks it’s weird that we are housing,” said Troina. “Since I am from here I am used to it.”


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