Course Fair

Seth Chernick
Staff Writer

On Thursday, Kayhi underclassmen were given a break before their sixth period for the Kayhi Course Fair. The course fair is meant to help give students an opportunity to record what classes they are interested in for their upcoming year. The students’ interests directly influences what classes will be available next year.
“The Course Fair is incredibly important,” said Principal Bob Marshall. “Today helps determine how many classes we will need to offer for our classes. If only two people sign up for welding, then we won’t offer that class, whereas if 30 students sign up for welding, then we know we will need to provide two periods.”
The Course Fair can also provide some useful insight into what new classes are available next year.
“The fair is definitely helpful for new and old students,” said junior Emerald Goodman. “Knowing about these classes can help students prepare. I wish my schedule wasn’t full already, because I found some classes I would definitely have taken.”

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