Home Away from home

Payton Simmons
Staff Writer

A home away from home doesn’t exist, especially when it comes to regionals.
Junior cheer captain, Maya Parker, said that she’d prefer to stay at a hotel rather than being housed out. Staying in a stranger’s home makes things even worse when you’re fighting a cold.
“Last year the cheer team got housed out and honestly it was terrible,” said Parker. “On the last day of regions, all of us got sick making it hard for us to perform our whole regions routine to our full potential on the day of adjudication.”
When regions are hosted away, the pep club members annually get group housed. Four-year member, Kody Malouf, said he likes the environment and the experience.
“I don’t really mind getting group housed especially for pep club because everybody knows each other and are good friends,” said Malouf. “I’ve never really had a bad experience group housing. Last year was a lot of fun besides half of the pep club got sick.”
While the girls’ teams have enjoyed hotels during the region tournament, the boys get housed.
When it comes to basketball, junior Kyle Smith said there is more comfort when you’re not sleeping in a stranger’s bed.
“Being in your own bed at your own house or in a hotel is better than staying in someone else’s house that you don’t even know. The girls have the luxury of doing that,” said Smith. “Last year at regions I was housed out and it feels uncomfortable, whereas at home I can just go to bed and not have to worry about sleeping on the floor or not getting enough to eat.”
According to junior captain Marcus Lee, housing shouldn’t be an excuse.
“I don’t think getting housed out is an excuse for losing or playing poorly in a game,” said Lee. “I think when it comes to game time it’s all about focus. I would say though it’s definitely hard to play in the morning games when you didn’t get a good night of sleep.”
Lee and the boys’ team won the region championship in 2015 – the last time Kayhi hosted and Lee was an 8th grader.
Senior Brittany Slick has fared better, winning a region championship the past three seasons. The current streak started when she was an 8th grader and she’s looking to bookend her career with home championships.
Slick said she is excited to be able to sleep in her own bed as she tries to become a 4-time region champion.
“Being able to sleep in my own bed allows me to get better sleep and feel more rested,” said Slick. “When you’re traveling and in someone else’s bed you stay up and talk or you do other things and you’re not thinking about the way you perform and you aren’t staying focused.”

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