More Than Basketball


Photo By: Jaylyn Merill

Alex Boegler
Staff Writer

The excitement for the upcoming Regions V Tournament is palpable. Besides the obvious competition between the rival basketball teams, the cheer and dance squads are also battling on the court.
The K-Highlites spend almost half of the year working on their regions routine. It is widely known that the dance team takes this competition very seriously. For the months leading up to the tournament, the theme of the dance is kept under wraps. In the past years, the dance team has performed dances in the themes of the Olympics to candy. Captain of the K-Highlites, Melinda Guerrero, said they spend countless hours practicing and perfecting their dance.
“The minute Clarke ended we moved our focus to regions,” said Guerrero. “We practice roughly 12 hours a week, sometimes more.”
The dance team adjudication date is set for March 10th, at 1 p.m. and they are scored based on the cleanliness of their appearance meaning no stray hairs or wrinkled uniforms, technique, and for the routine itself, judges look for difficulty, originality, and execution.
Much like the dance team, the Kayhi cheerleaders dedicate many hours to improving their routine. Adjudication is not only critiqued on their big halftime performance, but also on their sideline cheers and crowd control. Senior member of the cheer team, Shelby Lewis, breaks down the judges criteria.
“Our team is critiqued on the skill levels of our stunts, the sharpness of our motions, crowd control, how well we work as a team, and transitions during routines,” said Lewis. “The regions routine is only one-third of the final score.”
Pep Club participation with the cheerleaders is essential to helping them earn a good score. Although a large portion of the score is set aside for the main routine, crowd control is a huge part of their adjudication.
“We rely on the pep club a lot to participate in our cheers,” said Lewis. “Not only does that make the gym a more spirited environment, it impresses the judges and boosts our score.”
The Pep Band also has an event going on underneath all the hubbub of basketball and dance, there is an all-star pep band. Although this is not a competition, it is still fun to get chosen to participate in this activity. Pep Band Director, Deidra Nuss, said that the bands aren’t into competing against one another.
“Band is like one big happy family,” said Nuss. “It’s not really a competition.”
Each member is chosen for the all-star pep band by their band director and they will all be playing together on Saturday as one mega skilled Pep Band.


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