Region V Behind THE SCENES

Photo By: Adrian Ronquillo

Rosie Kacenas
Staff Writer

The Kayhi film crew is working hard to produce the KPU livestream for the Region V Tournament this year. Ketchikan School District Technology Coordinator, Bill Whicker, runs the Kayhi film crew which is a group made up of four Kayhi students and two KIC grant students who have already graduated. The filmers are the backbone of the livestreams – their jobs range from running cables to filming the events. Each crew member gets paid by KPU and averages $10-$12 an hour.
Whicker explained all of the nitty-gritty details that are often overlooked.
“We have to produce 30 games in 5 days,” said Whicker. “That requires a ton of time and work.”
Whicker talked about the newly-implemented “pay-for-view” system. To watch the livestreams viewers pay a fee, just like they would if they were to attend the games in person. A live stream day pass is $7, and a tournament pass is $31. The pay-for-view system has already brought in around $2000 from the Regions Tournament so far and will help to fund the film crew program.
Kayhi senior, and two-year film crew member, Adrian Ronquillo, explained that the pay-for-view system makes the whole event more professional and more “ESPN-like”.
“KPU has made the tournament available to the whole world,” said Ronquillo. “We didn’t use to be backed by KPU, so now that we are everything is taken more seriously. It’s a lot more professional.”
Whicker hopes to expand the film crew and eventually make it an official class.
“We’re always looking for people interested in being apart of what we’re doing,” said Whicker. “We’re looking to expand our program, whether that means not only getting paid for the work you do for streaming or events or things like that but also maybe getting some credit in the future, like a course credit.”
Ronquillo said he is excited that he gets to be apart of the behind-the-scenes aspects of the region tournament.
“Regions is going to be a lot of work, especially on Friday and Saturday,” said Ronquillo. “I am going to have to work hard but I get paid, get free passes to all the games, and even access to the hospitality room’s free food. It’s definitely going to be fun.”

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