Alex Boegler
Staff Writer

This coming week the 9th and 10th graders will be taking the PEAKS test. Starting on Monday the freshmen will be taking the English portion of the test from 9-11. While the freshmen are putting their knowledge to the test, the rest of the students will have a three-hour study hall in their advisory classrooms. Tuesday morning will start off with the freshmen taking the math portion of the PEAKS test, again the rest of the students will be in their advisory classrooms. Wednesday morning its the sophomore’s turn, they will be taking the science section of the test from 8-10.  Following the tests all three days, students will have 30 minute class periods to end the day.
The Performance Evaluation for Alaska’s Schools (PEAKS) is a statewide benchmark exam. Although the scores don’t directly affect the students, they have a major impact on the school. They are used to determine that the students are learning what the state decides they need to know. Mrs. O’Brien states the importance of the PEAKS exam scores.
“The scores are published on the report card to the public, presented to the school board, and used by the state to determine how we are doing in teaching our students.”
All students testing are encouraged to try their best and put their knowledge to the test.
Good luck 9th and 10th graders!

Monday & Tuesday   
Testing  8:00-11:00
First      11:00- 11:25
Second 11:30-12:00
Lunch   12:00-12:30
Third     12:35-1:05
Fourth  1:10-1:40
Fifth      1:45-2:15
Sixth     2:20-2:49     

Testing   8:00-10:00
First       10:00- 10:40
Second  10:45-11:25
Third     11:30-12:10
Lunch    12:10-12:40
Fourth   12:45-1:20
Fifth      1:25-2:05
Sixth      2:10-2:49    

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