Softball goes 0-4 in Vegas

Wyatt Barajas
Liam Kiffer
Staff Writers

The Kayhi softball team started the Spring Jamboree in Las Vegas with back to back games losses on Monday. Kayhi lost 9-3 to Palo Verde High of Las Vegas in game 1, and 17-0 to Garfield High School of Los Angeles.
Junior Kayloni Bermudez pitched in both games starting the first game going 5 innings and relieving Kiara Hodges after one inning in the second.
Senior Alex Boegler said getting on the field and playing was exciting but the big part of the loss was trouble at the plate. Kayhi managed only two hits in the first game (one by sophomore Kiara Hodges, the other by freshman Dyllan Borer) and were no-hit in the second.
“Getting back on the field was awesome,” said Boegler. “Especially having the chance to play our first games in Vegas. We did pretty good on the field, but what hurt us was our sticks. The other teams pitchers are not what we are used to.”

Day 2

Kayhi lost both games on day 2 of the second day of the Spring Jamboree. In the first game, Junior Kayloni Bermudez started on the mound against Coronado of San Diego, while Kiara Hodges pitched in relief. Bermudez struck out 4 and walked 6.  While Kayhi recorded 0 hits in the 10-0 loss.
In the second game of the day, Kayhi lost to Centennial High School of Las Vegas 12-2. Bermudez started on the mound again and struck out 3 and hit 5 in the loss.
Junior Maya Parker was frustrated in the team’s performance throughout the day,
“I always hate losing. I hate it even more when we lose and were not playing to our full potential,” Parker said. “ I don’t think our performance today shows how well we can actually play.”

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