Soccer battles but falls to JD

The Kayhi boys soccer team suffered two losses to Juneau-Douglas this weekend, 2-0 Friday and 3-1 Saturday. Despite losing their starting goalie to injury midway through the first half Friday the Kings held JD scoreless until partway into the second half when the Bears eventually took control.
The story Saturday was similar as the Kings proved they were up to the challenge against the defending region champions. Senior Joey Karlik said that the score didn’t accurately reflect the effort given and how closely contested the game really was.
“If we had those two calls that led to the two PK’s go our way we would’ve tied 1-1,” said Karlik. “Which is really big for us because it’s Juneau and we don’t usually tie, let alone beat them. When we go to Juneau it’s going to be a different story.”
With eight minutes left to play in the first half the Bears look the lead 1-0, then scored again on a penalty kick three minutes later. Kayhi scored its first goal of the season after JD had added a second penalty kick but it was too little too late.
Senior Vince Tenebro said that he is proud of how the team played and believes that as the season goes their play will improve.
“The first day we weren’t at our best,” said Tenebro. “We were kinda nervous, understand that it was our first game and Tim’s injury kinda changed it too. We played a lot better in the second half. The second day we were a lot more confident, we had good possessions and just went out there and competed. Throughout time and the more we play games the more we’ll build chemistry, it’ll be a lot different by the end of the year compared to the beginning.”

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