Avengers: Infinity War Super Preview

Seth Chernick
Staff Writer

Avengers: Infinity War releases tomorrow. Audience members will finally get to see the summation of a 10-year odyssey, the Marvel Cinematic Universe that Marvel Studios started to create in 2008 when they released the first Iron Man. Anthony Russo and Joe Russo are directing Infinity War which is Marvel’s longest movie to date and the most expensive movie ever made.
With $1 billion split between the two halves, Marvel Studios has decided to split the movie into two parts, with the second planned to release in 2019.
The movie is going to revolve around six mysterious stones and a new villain, the titan named Thanos, with the incentive to collect and use them. A project of this scale required immense planning; casting started all the way back in 2013, although filming started in 2017. With a cast of at least 76 unique and complex characters, it is going to be impressive to see it, and how, Marvel Studios will pull it off.
Marvel Studios’ last project, Black Panther, is creating challenges for this film though. First, Infinity War is already 30 minutes longer than Black Panther. All of the Marvel movies thus far have been faced with an increasing challenge of introducing and developing increasingly strongly characterized villains. Black Panther is unique in that it blew those expectations out of the water. The character development was both complex but also relative. The twists presented and the concepts introduced developed Marvel Studios’ most interesting and relevant villain character yet. With Infinity Wars’ villain Thanos, it is going to take more than just a drive to destroy the universe to make his character more than just another villain trying to destroy things.
Thanos has only appeared as easter eggs after the credits in a few movies, leaving his character mysterious. They’ve built Thanos’ character minimally through subtle hints from quotes about Thanos and the Infinity Stones.
There has also been very strong themes and concepts among each movie, leading to what is suspected to be, the combination of all those ideas being a massive expectation. Marvel Studios has definitely been raising this expectation for themselves. The climax of a decade is will either be unforgettable or the end of Marvel– just one more reason to go and watch it this Friday.
Justin Albecker: The movie of the century will start off with a flashback scene, yet again, you will see how brutal Thanos is and how he met up with Gamora. He will then appear on the Asgardian ship and reveal he snagged the Power Stone from the Nova Corp in Xandar. After monologuing a bit he shows the true power of the power stone by killing Loki, and take the Space Stone. After Loki’s death, Thor will be sent off into space, where he will link up with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Gamora will tell Thor the Mad Titan’s plan and expect Thanos to go to the collector next to collect the reality stone. Thor tells Tony Stark that they are on a different planet and to meet them there. Meanwhile, The battle of Wakanda is about to ensue and Vision is on Thanos’ death list. So Thanos snags the Mind Stone from Vision’s forehead. Thanos takes off to the planet that Tony, Spiderman, the Guardians, and Doctor Strange is at. T’challa then reveals Wakanda had the Soul Stone the whole time and puts it in Vision’s head. Thanos gets the Reality Stone from Tony, with the cost of his death. The Black Order then overpowers Doctor Strange and takes the Time Stone. Thanos then pulls an entire moon down on the planet. Doctor Strange takes the team back to Earth. They will go back to Wakanda to meet up with the rest of the Avengers to fight for the universe for one last time. Thanos and the Black Order will fight for the Soul Stone. I will be surprised if the movie does not follow these plot points exactly. This 2 hour and 30 minutes of runtime, will officially be the 8th wonder of the world. This is will be the peak of human capability, and there is no going up from here.
Dante Troina: Starting with a flashback scene, just like Iron Man 3, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Ant-Man, Civil War, Spiderman: Homecoming, and (you get it) half of the MCU, Infinity War will quickly establish Thanos as their best villain since Loki was first introduced. Speaking of Loki, he’s gonna die, for good this time. You know who else is going to die? Iron Man and Captain America, and audiences everywhere won’t be able to hold back tears as their favorite superheroes are diminished to nothing. Thor will be saved by his newfound box office power (Ragnarok was a hit), and Hulk, who knows what’ll happen? Bruce Banner’s death is definitely a possibility I wouldn’t rule out at this point. Black Widow will also die, whatever, it’ll be a footnote of the movie. Thanos will absolutely obliterate The Avengers, demonstrating his power by killing at least one of them early on in the movie. Thanos will also tear the mind stone straight out of Vision’s head, place it in his gauntlet, and then wreak havoc on the universe, yeah, it’s gonna be awesome. You thought the airport scene in Civil War was great? Ha. This movie will look back at that as a forgotten stepchild of all fight scenes and blow it straight out of the water. Infinity War will also become the first ever three billion dollar movie, pissing off James Cameron and proving his idiotic comments from earlier this week wrong (Avatar is trash, change my mind). Other movies opening this weekend will combine for absolutely no earnings because no one wants to watch anything but Hawkeye coming in to save the day. President Trump will declare The Avengers theme our new national anthem, and all will be right in the world.
Kody Malouf: Infinity War is going to break Avatar’s record and become the highest grossing movie of all time. It will also be nominated for and win Best Picture at the next Oscars. Iron Man, Captain America, and the Hulk will all die at the hands of Thanos and Hawkeye will come out of retirement only to be brutally murdered in .0001 seconds by Thanos, akin to squishing an ant on his shoe. The movie will end with Thanos collecting all of the infinity stones and completely destroying the earth, with the remaining Avengers escaping into space on board the Guardians’ spaceship. The movie will literally melt off my face with its pure power and mind-blowing twists. It will replace The Shawshank Redemption as the highest ranked movie on IMDb and earn the site’s first ever perfect 10 rating.


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