Senior Cruise

Rosie Kacenas
Staff Writer

The senior cruise will take place directly after the graduation ceremony on June third. Students are asked to pay $20 to contribute to the event. Allen Marine Tours has donated a boat to take all participants to George Inlet Lodge for food, games, prizes, and surprises which will last until 2 or 3 a.m. Seniors are mandated to stay the night at the lodge unless a parent picks them up. The following morning, all seniors will be transported by bus to the Coast Guard base for breakfast, and vans will transport everyone to their vehicles afterward.
Cruise director Gail Klein said that the goal of the cruise is for all the seniors to have one last celebration together before parting ways.
“We want it to be inclusive, we want students to have a great time,” said Klein. “We want to make sure that they get to celebrate together and spend this last time with their friends, sometimes people say that after graduation they never saw classmates again because of work schedules or whatever, so we really want them to have this chance to celebrate together.”
Gail Klein will be in the senior hall at lunch today as well as next week to collect the $20, checks can be made to “Kayhi Graduation Party”.

Track Hosts Last Home Meet

Brittany Slick
Staff Writer

Kayhi Track and Field will be hosting their last home meet this weekend. The team will be recognizing more than 20 seniors on Saturday. Four-year member Luke Reynolds is sentimental about his last home meet.
“Up until this year, I felt like it would last forever,” said Reynolds. “Now I feel like it’s another farewell with every step. Goodbye to leaving school early to get ready for a race, adios to post meet ultimate frisbee games, and sayonara to the coaches who have become like second parents to me.”
Petersburg and Thorne Bay will be the only other teams attending the meet. The small meet is important for the members because the regions list will be finalized, as the people who are constantly PR’ing will be added. There will also be a middle school portion of the meet, as they will have their own events and placing. The events will start at 3p.m. on Friday and 9 a.m. on Saturday.

Soccer Heads to Juneau

Kayhi boys soccer is traveling to Juneau this weekend. They will play JDHS Friday and Saturday. Captain Braden Linne is excited to have two more chances to beat JD.
“I’m excited,” Linne said. “These are our last games, our last chance to beat JD. I think it’s gonna be a close game.”
Friday and Saturday
JV – 5:00 pm
V   – 6:45 pm

Baseball Hosts JD

The baseball team will host Juneau-Doulgas this weekend. Kayhi will play Friday at 7p.m. Five seniors will be recognized prior to the 6 p.m. game Saturday. The Kings fell 1-0 earlier this year in a pre-season game to the Bears.
Senior Justin Albecker said he’s excited to play his final home game of his career.
“This being the last game in front of family and friends will be a very important game to me and the rest of the seniors,” said Albecker. “We’ve been preparing all week and making adjustments. We are very fired up to close out our regular season facing our longtime rivals.”