Track Hosts Last Home Meet

Brittany Slick
Staff Writer

Kayhi Track and Field will be hosting their last home meet this weekend. The team will be recognizing more than 20 seniors on Saturday. Four-year member Luke Reynolds is sentimental about his last home meet.
“Up until this year, I felt like it would last forever,” said Reynolds. “Now I feel like it’s another farewell with every step. Goodbye to leaving school early to get ready for a race, adios to post meet ultimate frisbee games, and sayonara to the coaches who have become like second parents to me.”
Petersburg and Thorne Bay will be the only other teams attending the meet. The small meet is important for the members because the regions list will be finalized, as the people who are constantly PR’ing will be added. There will also be a middle school portion of the meet, as they will have their own events and placing. The events will start at 3p.m. on Friday and 9 a.m. on Saturday.

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