News of the year

Top news story of the year…

Gavin Salazar: I believe that the biggest news of the season would be the ACDC winning nationals and the boy’s soccer team beating Juneau for the first time in forever. I thought it was really cool to see the Academic Decathlon team win state and then about a week or two later I heard that they won nationals. It was a great thing for not only this school but our community. On to the soccer team, I felt very happy for them to finally beat their big-time rivals Juneau-Douglas. It was very exciting to see that happen.

Kyle Smith: I would have to say that it is the ACDC team winning Nationals is the top news story of the year. Not a whole lot of people really knew what the ACDC team did until they had won nationals. It was the first time they have ever taken first at the state tournament and then went on to win Nationals as well, the first team from Alaska to do that. There were some insanely smart seniors on the team that were the main reason they went as far as they did which is really cool to see. It was the best achievement and top news story this year by far I would have to say.

Verona Kamberi: Hands down ACDC but Y’all… I would say me joining PE class was the news of the year. Congrats to all the sports teams and clubs for winning, but I think Verona Kamberi doing PE was more of a surprise than any of that. Y’all know I was beyond terrified of sweating and running, but that changed. I remember walking out of class the first day with my big hair and my flaming red forehead thinking this was going to be a long semester, but I was wrong. I have enjoyed a year of kickball, handball, and my favorite dodgeball. Now, no athlete leaves a sport without an injury and for sure I’m not leaving PE without an injury. I now have a pinched nerve in my pinky finger and a big fat bruise on my leg. Anyways, good luck to everyone next year!

Wyatt Barajas: The soccer team beat Juneau. That hasn’t happened in so long. I know we won’t ever hear the end of it but it’s a big thing for Kayhi. Every year as a school we know it won’t happen but this year they proved us wrong. Maybe next year they could continue on and beat them again.

Marcus LeeThe biggest news story this year was for sure the Academic Decathlon Team winning nationals. They are the first Alaskan team to win a national championship and you can definitely see that their hard work had paid off. The ACDC team spends more hours practicing in school and out than any other sport at Kayhi. The hard work and dedication to be on the Academic team really take a special person to endure that much time of your day. When I heard they won state I was not surprised at all, especially when they took second last year. When I heard that they were going to Nationals, I had no expectations of them winning. I remember vividly Mr. Lund telling Largim, “You guys are going to get creamed.” You were wrong Mr. Lund, congrats to ACDC.

Chanell Browne: The girl’s basketball team winning regions for the 5th consecutive year in a row. Keeping the winning streak going, this was a record breaker in the Kayhi books and made history for winning five region V tournaments in a row. This was a huge accomplishment for the team to succeed in “The Drive For 5” and for the seniors who are now able to say that they’ve never lost a region tournament. What made this even cooler was the fact that it was on our home court in front of our town.


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